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iBuzz 2013


Kanupriya Manchanda

May 16, 2013

IBuzz the 13th Annual Day of InfoBeans was fultoo Bollywood style this year as “InfoBeans Star Award Nights – Viewers Choice” with theme “ Retro to Metro “ @ The Grand Omni for Indore team and at 10th Mile for Pune team. The award category was not Performance based but popularity based starting from team that party’s lot, to group of friends who are always together ,to team member who is always well Groomed in office.

The function marked a culmination of various cultural activities that gave InfoBee’s a platform to showcase their talent.The team members enthralled the audience with their performances which carried them back to the retro era. The opening was with a modern version of Ganesha vandana.The choreography of this dance was par excellence. Our CSR kids group amazed everyone with phenomenal dance. Team performed a spectacular moral based pantomime on Use of Helmet in Indore.

The performances also included melting melodies featuring many blossoming musicians with an assortment of unique musical combos of retro and metro music. Pune team also had melodious musical performances made by Saneeca ,Shilpa Pravin’s daughter and Gopal Chandola.

At Pune Kali & Mili Ambrish’s daughter stunned the crowd with their dance act. Electrifying Skit by Lovleet, Sandeep G, Prasad & Mohan was key attraction. Sheshant, Sinai & Ambrish’s performance brought a beautiful closure to the entire event.

A InfoBeans film festival organised, extended presentation of stars in the organization. There were overall 12 award titles as to recognize the uniqueness of team, group & individual.

Shahnawaz Khan won the award “Pran Jaye Par Project Na Jaye” ,team member who has been key contributor of the project for a very long time (7 years). Zainnudin Multani fetched “Phir Milenge” award, those who left InfoBeans family and then joined back again.” Hum Sath Sath Hain” award was adjudged to Ruchika & Noopur for being best friends forever. Gagandeep Sangar emerged as “Bol Bachhan” team member of InfoBeans.

Ajay Jain, Gaurav & Varun were titled as “Three Musketers” .QA team was tagged as “Pehle Pet Puja Fir Kaam Duja” team. “Nazar Na Lage” award was bagged by Jasdeep Singh Khanuja for being prim and proper dressed team member, “Tera Mera Dabba Gang” was awarded to Rashmi G,Usha,Laxmi,Neha Bajpai,Shilpi and Niharika. Java team emerged as an undisputed winner for”DND team”.

“Kya Cool Hain Hum “ award evidently won by Mobile team.Paridhi Jain ,first team member of InfoBeans was awarded as “Jame Hue Khiladi”.

The ambience of both the venues was fabulous and the dinner was sumptuous and mouth watering. It was a true entertainment with friends and family members.

Congratulations to all the winners and big thank you to the organizing committee.

In all the InfoBeans celebrities marked their way back home with reminiscence.

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