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IDEM: Interactive Dual Eye Mechanism


Tarulata Champawat

April 28, 2020

From global recessions to the spread of a pandemic like Corona, the business world often faces unexpected challenges. Such challenges can only be overcome through innovative ideas that give way out and light to combat such situations. IDEM or Interactive Dual Eye Mechanism is one such excellent idea that replicates human effort with Robots.

Idea: With the help of an Interactive Dual Eye Mechanism, a robot is created that communicates with you. It takes input in the form of two modes; manual mode through a joystick and a webcam. The Robo follows you in whichever direction you move. The Robo can identify various moods like angry, surprised, and happy.

Tools and Components:

The central brain of the Robo is the Arduino Uno Board that gives the commands and helps in the working of the complete mechanism.

Servo Motor, which is responsible for the window shot shaft at a particular angle and drives the mechanism.

The most important part that gives the current to the Servo Motor is the Servo Driver, which converts slope dopa command signals to hyper command signals and provides the current. It also provides the input to the Servo Driver for the proper moment of the shaft at a particular angle.


  • The robot communicates with through eyes
  • Takes input via joystick or webcam
  • Identify six basic facial expressions –

          Natural     Happy     Angry     Disgust     Sadness     Surprised

How it works: It is a microcontroller board which is based on AVR microcontroller Atmega328. It comes with,

  • USB interface
  • Six analog input pins
  • 14 I/O digital ports. 
  • Out of 14 I/O ports, six pins can be used for PWM output

It is a self-contained electrical device that rotates parts of a machine with high efficiency and great precision. The output shaft of this motor can be moved to a particular angle. Servo driver will translate low power command signals from the controller into high power voltage and current to the motor. It can be controlled with analog or digital inputs.

Use Cases:

  • It helps during disaster management as it will help evacuate people
  • You can send it as your representative to an event 
  • It can shop for you from anywhere in the world while you sit in your home

Conclusion: Finding a good companion for yourself then this is the perfect idea you can go for. Have this in your life and make your life easier.

Watch the demo video here

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