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InfoBeans Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)


Shobhit Sethi

June 26, 2014

Development continues to be measured and expressed in terms of statistical indicators, with economic growth a key indicator of success. Current global environment demands for many confrontations to manage and maintain system quality and processes along with efficiency. To add value to the system along with customer satisfaction is the key concept at InfoBeans.

InfoBeans Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) maintains the complete Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) by deployment of right set of people, processes and tools with greater expertize and minimal effort and marginal cost.

Our clients are spread across various domains like Storage, Life Science, Market Research, Automotive, Media & Publishing, E-commerce, Banking & Finance and Insurance; describes the trustworthy and faithful relationships.

Often entailing risks, absence of processes, lack of expertize, and insufficient infrastructure results in breaking alignment between processes and business logic. On occasions business divisions inherit legacy systems which require additional efforts and cost.

Is there a practice to eliminate these deviation by regulating processes , infrastructure and testing competencies?

Is there a practice to improve the quality of IT systems by accomplishing industry standards, while reducing efforts and cost?

YES !!

It’s Test Center of Excellence @ InfoBeans

InfoBeans TCoE is “SUPERB”


Repetitive cycles are required to accomplish business objectives by maintaining symmetry between the testing framework and its processes. InfoBeans believes in Creating WOW by providing an objective and an independent view of the software thus facilitating the client’s business to flourish. This is accomplished by engaging versatile teams at our Test Center of Excellence – SUPERB an abbreviation for Security Testing – Usability Testing – Performance Testing – Exploratory Testing – Regress Automation – Business Analysis.

SUPERB is a systematic approach that standardizes processes and leverages testing capabilities adherent to any traditional framework. This practice facilitates our clients to procure maximum benefits with significant quality enhancement, performance optimization, overcome security breaches, budget reduction, and productivity improvement by accomplishing industry standards. This also protects the development team’s rear end, just before the product is available for users to consume.

SUPERB is one of the optimum framework supported with well-defined processes, infrastructure and industry tools which forms the backbone of InfoBeans Test Center of Excellence practice.

Superior training, implementation and deployment of this mature approach through InfoBeans skilled professionals ensures SUPERB deliverables. InfoBeans is proud to leverage this approach across different business verticals and help our clients to scale on our solutions for better organic growth.

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