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Innovation extravaganza: A closer look at the key highlights of Knowledge 2023


Tarulata Champawat

May 22, 2023

Knowledge 2023, the highly anticipated event hosted by ServiceNow, came to a successful end on May 18, 2023. The 5-day event was truly an extravaganza of innovation and technology. It brought together industry leaders, technology enthusiasts, and distinguished attendees from around the globe. 

Team InfoBeans (Siddharth SethiMitesh Bohra, Oliver Schwarz, Tarulata Champawat,
Anuja Pawar, Priti Arwade, Vijendra Sainy and Khushboo Bajaj) was honored to attend the event and witness firsthand the groundbreaking innovations presented by ServiceNow. We also had the opportunity to network with industry leaders and notable guests belonging to the ServiceNow community.

Team InfoBeans at Knowledge 2023 (Left to Right: Priti Arwade, Mitesh Bohra, Tarulata Champawat, Siddharth Sethi, Khushboo Bajaj, Anuja Pawar, Vijendra Sainy)   Team InfoBeans standing at Knowledge 2023 venue with other attendees
Team InfoBeans at Knowledge 2023

As the curtains rose at Knowledge 2023, the stage was set for ServiceNow to unveil their latest innovations and advancements in enterprise technology. With great excitement, the members of Team InfoBeans shared the biggest highlights of the event.

These are the most transformative innovations unveiled at Knowledge 2023:

  1. Introducing intelligent automation and generative AI tools

Generative AI is truly the buzzword of the time. ServiceNow has also stepped up to the plate by unveiling a suite of automation and AI capabilities. This game-changing update promises to simplify complexity across the entire enterprise, supercharge productivity, and unlock unprecedented value—all within the confines of a single, unified platform. 

  • New finance and supply chain workflows 

ServiceNow has developed advanced workflows that utilize AI, machine learning, and
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to assist organizations in modernizing essential processes such as procurement, accounts payable, and supplier management. These workflows span across the entire enterprise, enabling seamless digital processes. With these innovative solutions, operations can be accelerated, tasks can be completed more efficiently, and technology investments can yield even greater value.

  • New generative AI solutions for the Now Platform 

With these new AI solutions, workflow automation is now faster and smarter than ever before. These remarkable advancements are a result of the expanded strategic partnership between ServiceNow and Microsoft. Get ready for a whole new level of capabilities, including:

    • ServiceNow generative AI controller, allowing organizations to easily connect ServiceNow instances to OpenAI and Microsoft Azure OpenAI.
    • Now Assist for search, bringing the power of generative AI to Portal Search, Next Experience, or Virtual Agent.
  • ServiceNow cloud observability 

This solution now offers new features to assist site reliability engineering teams in efficiently handling the increasing size and intricacy of cloud infrastructure. By consolidating Lightstep’s observability metrics, tracing, and logging into a single purpose-built solution, it enables seamless connectivity between insights and actions across all tools, people, and processes involved. 

  1. Talent transformation with a scalable and robust skills ecosystem

Pearson, a leading research firm, collaborated with ServiceNow to explore the impact of AI on the job market and identify in-demand skills for 2027. The findings indicate that qualities like communication, collaboration, and innovation, the most human-like capabilities, will be highly sought-after for upcoming technical roles. Furthermore, these skills can be transferred from positions that might be affected by AI to emerging tech roles.

To address the evolving skill requirements for digital businesses, ServiceNow is introducing new AI-powered solutions for talent transformation. They are also committed to investing in partnerships and initiatives for retraining and upskilling, ensuring that the workforce of the future is well-equipped to meet industry demands.

  • New Employee Growth and Development 

This AI‑powered talent transformation solution is designed to help organizations fill talent gaps and gain valuable insights into the strengths of their workforce. By connecting various L&D systems onto one platform, SNow simplifies the process of guiding employees and their managers through career plans, development goals, and learning resources. The result? Improved team performance, increased engagement, and a highly productive workforce.

  • RiseUp with ServiceNow 

RiseUp with ServiceNow is a program designed to skill up 1 million people on the ServiceNow platform by 2024. The program has been improved with additional training courses, including partner courses. The first courses to be added are from Microsoft, providing individuals with a broader education on two of the most widely used platforms today. It also expands the skills ecosystem from which organizations can find and hire talent that excels on both platforms.

  1. Turning good intent into even greater impact

ServiceNow.org brings the transformational capacity of technology to non-profit organizations to drive an even greater impact. 

Whether non‑profits need to work more efficiently, reduce costs, or innovate their operations, ServiceNow.org is there to help. They provide technology solutions, improve employee and customer experiences, and offer low-code app development for various purposes like disaster response, refugee resettlement, volunteer and member management, resource management (physical and financial), research trials, and many other important initiatives.

Final thoughts

Knowledge 2023 undoubtedly demonstrated ServiceNow’s commitment to push the boundaries of innovation, empower talent, and drive positive change across industries. All the attendees, including Team InfoBeans, left the event feeling inspired and excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead. 

We look forward to a brighter future as ServiceNow continues to revolutionize the way we work and redefine the boundaries of innovation.

Source: ServiceNow Press Release

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