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iPad can help enterprises reduce costs and be more productive


Siddharth Sethi

December 23, 2010

When it comes to the iPad, the general perception goes that it is a family/living room oriented device. One that can give you your morning dose of news, a good video in the afternoon and maybe some games later on in the day. Some email and possibly some internet browsing thrown in between.

Most enterprises currently do not look at the iPad as a device they could give their team to perform daily tasks. Here are some reasons why enterprises should look at the iPad to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Lower hardware costs

The iPad costs just $499. Your current desktop or laptop would cost you close to a $1000. You save right there. On top of it, you need a proper cube and table and what not. iPads do not need that kind of an elaborate affair. Add to that the cost of maintenance and upgrades and you are looking at a lot more cash outflow. iPads are almost zero maintenance machines and do not take much to upgrade. You can actually get rid of your hardware support system.

Lower software costs

Ask yourself – do all your people need all the different Microsoft software on their iPad? Office, Windows? What about the firewalls and the anti virus that always seem to be giving a whole lot of trouble? The iPad eliminates the need for these software. The OS is bundled with the device and many software that are used only in special circumstances are either free or are really inexpensive. Even if at times you need an office productivity suite, iWork on the iPad (Numbers/KeyNote/Pages) are all $10 each. Office costs a fortune – $700+ for many organizations. And you do not really need all those features anyway.

And to add, many software are now readily available over the web. And they should work really well on the iPad.

Customizable workflows

It is really easy to create customizable for the iPad. InfoBeans can help you do this. Let’s say your staff works in inventory management. All you need to do is either repurpose your existing web app to be a little more user friendly on the iPad or create a custom app that can allow your users do the same tasks they were doing on their desktops. In a vast majority of cases, the iPad can actually vastly improve the user experience and make your team more productive, reducing costs. The fact that the iPad is so mobile would help in reducing response times and ultimately cost to service requests.

A lot more fun to use

The iPad with its multi touch interface, great screen resolution and other hardware features, make it a lot more fun to use. Your employees might even consider it a gift than another computing device and thank you for it.

Ability to take work from anywhere or even take home

Can’t expect your staff to lug around their desktops. At the same time, can’t expect you to fork out a laptop to everyone. Some staff who do not need a dedicated high power computing machine and those that do not need to use the software unavailable on the iPad can go on using their desktops/laptops. But the folks who are

Improved productivity

They do just what they are supposed to do on their iPads and not do any more. You can can very easily control what they are supposed to do through remote management of the iPad.


Now this is something even I am scared about. But the iPad makes it easy to wipe out all information incase the iPad is lost or stolen. There are many other mechanisms to make sure that your data is never lost. One such method is to make sure that there is no data on the iPad in the first place.

iPads have lives a lot of fun at home. They can actually make lives a lot more productive and enjoyable in the work place as well. For you they can help you drastically reduce costs to the tune of thousands of dollars per employee per month if they are used effectively.

Give us a shout on sales@infobeans.com or 888 4INFOBEANS to learn more about how we can help your business lower your costs and make your employees lives easier and a lot more fun.

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