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iPad for content consumption


Manish Malpani

June 10, 2010

With most of the reviews for iPad been overwhelmingly positive, there have been some minds who don’t like concept of iPad.These mindset seem to have issues, not with quality, functionality, software or working style of iPad, but with the content consumption idea behind the iPad.

The iPad has really changed the whole scenario. It has changed the fundamental concept of computing.Until now computers have been primarily designed for creating content. Whether it is creating a document, making a spread sheet or graphics designing, most of them have been built with content creation as the main priority. But we can see over the last few years, people have spent more time on their computers consuming content rather than creating it.

Since the appearance of Internet video and social networking, people have been spending time in consuming media more than they have used for creating content. People are using their computers more for browsing the web, chatting, using social networking sites for building networks, downloading music and watching videos. Some manufacturers recognised this earlier and came up with a solution called as Net-books but still they are devices designed primarily for creating content with some functionality for content consumption.

The iPad, on the other hand reverts the whole idea. The tools you don’t require for content consumption move out. You can get rid of the keyboard when you are consuming content. The functionality of rotating the screen is a huge boost. Now you are not bound to read in landscape. You can just turn your screen around and use portrait. This alone is something that you will not be able to do by sticking to traditional computers.

Hours of watching video on youtube now does not need to happen on a table and chair or with a keyboard jutting at you. The iPad eases the pain of watching video anywhere with just a screen.

Finally a device for content consumption has arrived. Apple has designed the iPad around the consumption model and its exactly the same people were looking for.

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