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Major Salesforce trends to look for in 2022


Vatsala Garg

March 15, 2022

Since June 2021, we have written numerous blogs to convey the business benefits of using Salesforce, its use cases across industries and made an effort to bring you closer to the platform which is much more than just a CRM, it is a Saas platform with all cloud capabilities.

Salesforce Trends 2022

Post-pandemic, organizations need products that foster collaboration, offer connected and personalized experience and make work easy, from anywhere. Therefore, Salesforce products that efficiently fulfill this need will be trending and will top the charts this year. The platform has already grown by leaps and bounds year on year  and will continue to remain relevant and a sought-after one in the future.

Here is a quick list

Slack First customer 360: Since organizations are moving towards a hybrid work culture in 2022, Slack First Customer 360 will make it even more effortless. Salesforce acquired Slack and the combined entity now offers teams to stay connected, productive, and get the work done anywhere — with a single source of truth for their business and a single shared view of the customer.   Now, you can close more deals, resolve tickets faster, manage campaigns effectively, and get intelligent AI driven insights on customer data with Slack First Customer 360.  With the new pre-built integration, every department — sales, service, or marketing — can collaborate in channels that unite teams and streamline workflows built around its data.

Salesforce Health cloud: Healthcare has seen a new dawn, predominantly post-covid.Each customer now aspires for a more personalized experience, while the healthcare providers look for intelligent platforms to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Salesforce Health Cloud offers it all besides a seamless connection between different care teams offering them a 360-degree view of every patient on a single, HIPAA-compliant platform. From patient admission to discharge, the platform quickly connects patients to care, and acts on social determinants of health to improve outcomes and to better meet the needs and preferences of your patients.

Flow orchestrator: As teams have become more distributed, reducing the gaps between different stages of workflow has become challenging and any delays result in reduced productivity, lower customer satisfaction, and revenue loss. Flow orchestrator is the secret sauce that can quickly configure, deploy, and maintain sophisticated and seamless business workflows. It creates  multi-user, multi-step automated business processes with clicks, not code to maximize user experience. By organizing multiple flows into steps, and multiple steps into stages, Flow Orchestrator can bridge the wide gap in business workflows resulting in supercharged productivity, happy customers, and increased revenue.

Salesforce Blockchain: By combining the power of Salesforce Lightning with Blockchain,  companies can create blockchain networks, workflows and apps – a cornerstone for the digital era. Organizations, across all  industries can leverage blockchain for asset tracking, credentialing, verification and authentication of goods.

Salesforce with AI: AI-based Salesforce Einstein lets computers predict behavior based on accurate facts and data. Since customer data has become paramount for organizations, Salesforce Einstein powered by Tableau accurately predicts the customer behavior and offers data sets and business intelligence to make informed business decisions.

As we are almost a quarter past 2022, it is time to head towards and embrace the latest Salesforce trends and adopt a smarter, easier and effective way to work.

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