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Mind your data with DataMind


Sugandha Narang

January 25, 2024

DataMind made its debut at Innovation Day 2024, InfoBeans’ annual flagship event, where it won the Gold award.

Storage optimization solution powered by AI that offers a unified dashboard. Optimize storage and save money!

Are you wasting money on underutilized storage or struggling with performance bottlenecks?

Is the cloud that you are using truly cost-effective, or should you leverage on premise resources?

How much can you save with the right configuration across all your storage systems? 

If your answer to all three is yes or even two, our solution will help.


Imagine you have 10 VMs on AWS and 5 on on-premise and you are grappling with handling two platforms and paying for both without fully utilizing the storage they offer. Our AI optimizer analyzes usage patterns and suggests moving 5 VMs to on premise, reducing the cloud cost.

Under the hood, a powerful neural network fuels our solution, learning from storage and CPU data usage to predict optimal configurations. Our AI optimization is a SaaS based service that analyzes existing clusters across all platforms, providing actionable right sizing recommendations for immediate cost savings. Future features will automate cluster creation based on optimized configurations.

Benefits the solution offers

  • Multi-vendor storage optimizer gives you a unified dashboard, cross-platform visibility and one-stop solution for all your storage insights
  • AI-powered right sizing recommendations
  • Save money by optimizing resource utilization across platforms 
  • Future-proof automation
  • Streamline cluster creation with intelligent recommendations 
  • Take control of your storage cards and performance


The explosion and distribution of data and its storage across on-premises and cloud environments continue to pose challenges for organizations. It also results in massive spending on solutions like AWS and GCP, or on-premise systems, to optimize cost and performance. Infrastructure managers grapple with the inefficient use of resources that pervades environments of all sizes and structures. 

A lack of visibility and insights makes it difficult for them to understand and optimize their environment. To get a look at all their data and storage, organizations need powerful unified dashboards that can help them rightsize their storage and save time and money.

DataMind, the AI storage optimization tool, overcomes all of these efficiently.

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