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Nasscom Mentorship program – must do!


Siddharth Sethi

November 15, 2009

Yesterday, Avinash and I had the good fortune to be part of the Nasscom mentorship program. No, we were not the mentors, we were being mentored. Sanjiv Aggarwal (Helion Ventures, founder Daksh) and Rajiv Puri (ex CEO JobsAhead.com).

The session lasted for almost two hours and we got a wealth of insights from these two gentlemen on how to grow businesses. There were some pointed observations from them that made us look up and take notice.

I must thank both of them, not only for their invaluable time, but mostly for their cutting edge evaluation of where we stand, what we need to do and their implicit stimulus to goad us into achieving more.

I must also thank Nasscom and specially Avinash Raghava for organizing this in such a professional manner. Everything was arranged well with extreme professionalism and it shows what a great organization Nasscom is.

My organization looks forward to contributing in larger measures to the Nasscom initiatives in the times to come.

We will be taking up the advice that our mentors have given us very seriously and drawing up action plans to take on the challenges in the future. We are slated to meet with them again next month and we eagerly look forward to that.

Thanks everyone!

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