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Philosophie is now InfoBeans Accelerate


Emerson Taymor

December 13, 2022

As one of the original founders of Philosophie, the Design & Innovation studio acquired by InfoBeans in 2019, I am proud to share the exciting news of our new team name – InfoBeans Accelerate.

Just as the last 3 years have demonstrated, we will continue to serve our team and clients the same way we always have, but with even more global strength and skill.

Skot and I originally named the company Philosophie in 2008 based on the line “All work is an act of philosophy”. We used that phrase as a colophon across the web in the early days. The meaning was that all work we put into the world we should be proud of – and we worked tirelessly to build a firm that could be proud of itself and the digital products it built. 

Of course, that underlying meaning and goal is still there today. But as opposed to just being a design firm when we started or even just a company at the intersection of design + technology which we grew Philosophie into through the sale, we now are part of a global digital transformation and product engineering powerhouse, InfoBeans. 

For the last 3 years we have tried to figure out the best name that would capture the value of the combined teams and I’m excited where we ended up.

To me “Accelerate” perfectly captures what our team does best. 

We Accelerate turning ideas into digital products by deploying a nimble, cross-functional team of makers to build it. 

We Accelerate internal funding conversations by producing something much more impactful than a PowerPoint deck. 

We Accelerate learning by taking advantage of lean methodologies to test ideas quickly without costly overbuilding. 

And now we are creating a set of Accelerators – proven playbooks, code and design modules that will allow us to build better quality products, faster. We will continue to explore leveraging our global talent base alongside these accelerators to maximize the ROI that we deliver to clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you Accelerate your business or ideas, contact us.

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