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Predicting IT Issues: ServiceNow


Tarulata Champawat

April 20, 2020

With thousands of IT components that work together to run your business and act as key enablers, no one wants to have any IT issues. The key to achieve this is through higher visibility, proactive approach, and predictive analysis of all IT components. Predict IT Issues achieves this by having a well-connected map of IT components across the organization and making predictions using Machine Learning. 

Idea: Predict IT is a combination of two ServiceNow offerings:

  • Servicenow Discovery
  • Servicenow Performance Analytics

It utilizes out of the box ServiceNow features like Discovery, Alert Management, and Performance Analytics to automate the process of asset registration, monitoring, and issue forecasting. 

Any device which has an IP address can be tracked, and detailed information related to its hardware and software can be extracted automatically without any human intervention. Software licenses can be tracked, and violations can be tracked with a single click.

ServiceNow Discovery is an application that works on a ServiceNow instance and collects information related to the organization’s assets (agent-based or agentless) with the help of the organization’s network, MID servers, sensors, and probes. The information collected through this automated process is usually stored in the CMDB of the ServiceNow instance.

Performance Analytics is an analytics application of ServiceNow that offers Forecasting using Machine Learning, creation of dashboards, reports on KPIs and metrics, and thus answer key business questions to help increase quality and reduce the cost of Service Delivery.

With Predict IT, you can track vulnerable or Blacklisted software installation on any machine and rectify the same, which enhances overall IT environment Security. Above all, these advantages finally translate to saving costs hugely.

How predict IT works:

  1. Using Discovery, detailed information about hardware and software of any system is gathered.
  2. With the integration of monitoring systems and ServiceNow Alert Management, ongoing issues with the systems are captured.
  3. Predictive analysis is then applied to the data of these ongoing issues.
  4. Using Machine Learning as offered by ServiceNow Performance Analytics, the solution generates predictions for these systems and presents them in the form of graphs, reports and charts which enables the IT team to make key decisions. 

Technology: Predict IT is designed with the help of three major features of ServiceNow:

  • ServiceNow Discovery.
  • Automatic Incident logging.
  • Performance Analytics.


IT Operations: Help in proactive support actions based on the predictions. Also, help with the planning of staffing as per the predictions.

ServiceDesk: ServiceDesk Agents have detailed information about the IT systems and how they are connected to services. This enables them to assign issues to the appropriate teams quickly.

Asset Management: It would fetch the most accurate details of hardware and software across the network, thus making Asset Management and License optimization very smooth and efficient.

Audit and Compliance: As you have an accurate CMDB populated by PredictNow, Audit, and compliance becomes less cumbersome.

Conclusion: Predicting IT issues is the need of the hour, it offers immense security to the IT infrastructure of a company and makes it robust and self-sustaining. It results in higher productivity, lesser costs, faster resolutions and shorter time to market that eventually translates to happier customers and higher profits in the long run. It saves you from any untoward incident that may occur at the time of the final deployment of the project and gives a competitive advantage to your company. 

Watch the demo video here

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