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Pro-tips and survival kit for a hassle-free Dreamforce 2022 experience


Vatsala Garg

September 16, 2022

It’s just a week until Dreamforce 2022. That’s right, you can almost start counting down on your hands! As September 20th speeds toward us, we’re back with Dreamforce Survival Kit, dishing out tips and tricks, both for in-person and virtual attendees to make sure you’re prepped to have an epic time.

Dreamforce – A congregation of luminaries, notable speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and inquisitive customers.

Dreamforce 2022 is taking place next week and it is the 20th anniversary of this incredible event! Something that started as a gathering of a handful of customers, has metamorphosed into the largest software conference in the world. The event has witnessed 180,000+ in-person attendees in San Francisco, before a successful virtual event in 2020, and a hybrid event in 2021.

This year the conference is anticipating around 30,000 in-person attendees and 120,000+ online viewers. Be it in-person attendance or virtual, the event promises three days of knowledge, inspiration, and networking.

In the nick of time, we made an attempt to bring to you a checklist, both for in-person and virtual attendees to read before you pack your bags.

Let’s dive in:

Virtual attendees:

  • Read the event itinerary well in advance and bookmark sessions you want to attend, know more about the speakers and prepare a set of questions to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • Block your calendar so that your team also knows about your occupancy at the event.
  • If you participate in the chats, be patient and kind. Some chats move fast and furiously. Keep responses short and sweet.
  • Consider connecting with the speaker on social media and sending them a quick note of your takeaways!
  • Take time after each day (or each session, ideally) to jot down key themes or things you learned/want to follow up on. There’s so much going on, you’ll never remember it all when that mythical “later” finally gets here!

In-Person Attendees:

  • The connections you make at Dreamforce are just as important as sessions! Make a point to meet people you follow/admire in the ecosystem and those who are around you.
  • Network! Sessions are recorded. People are not. The single best feature of Dreamforce is the people. You can build relationships here that will last forever.
  • Don’t eat alone – ask to join a table of people you’ve never met. Attend every social event possible,
  • If you’re attending with your team, divide and conquer. Don’t go to the same sessions altogether.
  • Wear comfy shoes and outfits with a lot of pockets! You want quick access to your cell phone and your #trailmoji stickers to trade with others. If you’re presenting, you want some place for the battery pack to go.

Show some Twitter love to the sessions you’re excited about.

Now that you have planned all of the sessions, breakouts and keynotes that you hope to hit, so don’t keep any gems of sessions secret! Tweet them to your fans and inspire conversation around the perfect DF schedule under the hashtag #DF2022.

Think of ways you can give back during your time at Dreamforce.

There is so much to do to give back at Dreamforce. There are tons of opportunities to volunteer right from the conference. Spend time helping co-attendees, or take some time to support budding entrepreneurs.

The perfect takeaway

One thing that the event promises is a lot of learning. But as humans, we tend to forget everything that we learn. Why not make a blog, article, video, or anything that you prefer – to keep for your future reference and for others to know more about the event.

Check out the awesome lineup of keynote speakers.

Marc Benioff. Bret Taylor, Jennifer Hudson. And so many, many more. From celebrities to politicians and CEOs to CIOs, the keynote speakers are sure to bring diverse insights to the conference. Choose wisely and gain as much as possible.

Sufficient for now. It is time to take your leave and start the countdown.

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