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ProtoVid - Convert your prototypes into easily shareable videos


Anshul Sharma

March 01, 2023

The blog is written by Anshul Sharma, Senior Visual Designer and the team captain. The team’s motto is to transform the way design is communicated. We have proudly called ourselves ‘Humans of UX’.

The process of creating a prototype is crucial for us, as designers. It allows us to test and refine our ideas before the final product is developed. However, the design community faces several challenges when creating a prototype. These challenges can be related to design iterations and the ability to convey ideas effectively to stakeholders.

When I say, communicating our ideas and designs to stakeholders, I primarily refer to people who may not have a technical background. While we may have a clear understanding of our design process, stakeholders may not have the same level of understanding, which leads to confusion and misunderstandings. Also, results in delays and changes in the project scope, which can impact timelines and budgets.

Another challenge is the iterative nature of the design process. Designers often need to make multiple iterations to refine their ideas and prototypes. This can be time-consuming, especially if they need to communicate these changes to stakeholders and get their feedback.

Therefore, we are on the constant lookout for a tool that helps overcome these challenges, something quick and more handy.

Introducing ProtoVid

Our team developed ProtoVid, a tool that is not specific to a bunch of people, or a company, but a tool for an entire community of more than 4 million users, a community of designers and thinkers.

Why ProtoVid?

The tool allows designers to create a video demonstration of their prototype, which can be shared with stakeholders, including clients and team members. By using ProtoVid, designers can effectively communicate their ideas and designs to stakeholders in a way that is easy to understand.

Here are some ways that converting prototypes into videos can help designers:

  1. Effective communication: Videos are an effective way to convey complex ideas and designs to stakeholders who may not have a technical background. By creating a video demonstration of their prototype, designers can effectively communicate their ideas and designs, reducing confusion and misunderstandings.
  2. Iterative design: Videos can also help designers make iterative changes to their designs quickly. By creating a video of their prototype, designers can easily make changes and update the video to reflect these changes. This can save time and resources, as designers can quickly iterate and refine their designs without the need for multiple meetings and feedback sessions.
  3. Reduced project timelines: By using a tool that converts prototypes into videos, designers can reduce project timelines by getting quick feedback from stakeholders. This can help designers make changes quickly and move the project forward, reducing delays and increasing efficiency.

How does the tool work?

  1. Select your flow
  2. Preview the video of your selected workflow
    ProtoVid Preview
  3. Share created video guides from the downloaded videos anywhere
    ProtoVid Video

And wait. That’s not all. When we were working on ProtoVid, the idea was to create a tool that can record figma prototypes, but we thought a lot more can be achieved. So we have factored in some features like creating audio and video while recording the prototype screen so you can narrate your vision effortlessly. Also, you can create demos and highlight the idea of your design which your sales team can turn into revenues. Now you can give context to the documented user guides, create videos so users can understand how the ideas are going to work.

Also, taking clients’ feedback was a crucial part. So we made it fun. We have added emoji and timestamps where one can mark comments in the video with the help of timestamps and emojis.

With ProtoVid, communicate with clarity and create walkthroughs of your product flows.

The last words – Bring life to your product with ProtoVid!

Watch the demo video here

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