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Ready Made Hotel Reservation System App for iPhone


Siddharth Sethi

January 13, 2010

The Next Big thing in Travel & Hospitality Industry – Branding through iPhone !

We studied this branding trend and found that Hotels, Hospitality organizations and groups are keen on having their own iPhone app that will not only act as a value added service to their customers but also help in branding through iPhone.

InfoBeans has come up with a quick and ready made solutions for Travel and Hospitality Industry. We understand the latest technology trend where companies are moving one step ahead by moving their applications from Web-based to M-based.

The readymade Hotel Reservation app has features like:

– Fully Customizable Hotel’s Name and Logo on Splash Screen

– Reservation system integrated with the existing web reservation engine

– Marketing and Promotional features like : photo gallery and location finder

As Mobile devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry becomes popular it only makes sense to make use of this technology to draw the attention of the masses to your value proposition.

The technology is being used to project a brand or image as a tech savvy Group meeting the latest technology trend in the industry.

This branding strategy also comes with a whole lot of facilities that makes it easy for the target audience to connect to your hotel/group anywhere and at any time through an iPhone/mobile device.

A well know Hospitality Group received a 100,000 Downloads for its iPhone App in just Two weeks.

Isn’t this a great Branding + Technology combi!

What does an iPhone app framework for Hospitality Group/Hotel look like? Given below is a framework for a Hotel iPhone App developed by InfoBeans which is completely customizable:

Liked the Idea? Get your customized app – contact: shashi.sudhanshu@infobeans.com or call (510) 344 2228

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