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Representing InfoBeans at SVIM


Siddharth Sethi

December 10, 2009

I got an opportunity to deliver a 3 hour talk at SVIM, Indore on the emerging trends in IT and career development for MBA/MCA students.

The format for the discussion was a pure question and answer one. The questions were sent to me a day earlier by the students and faculty. It was an intellectually stimulating discussion with the entire 250+ group. We touched upon various topics relating to the IT industry in India and the world over and also on what career opportunities does the IT industry provide for MBA/MCA graduates.

My sincere thanks to the administration at SVIM for allowing me to come and speak. I enjoyed the discussion a lot and I hope the students enjoyed in equal measure.

Check out the pictures in Naidunia and Dainik Bhaskar today.


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