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September 02, 2013

Every shopper loves to save money and spares no means of doing so and I am no exception. But nowadays I feel like I’m being bombarded by emails, texts & mailers, that I rarely even have time to look at and almost prefer to ignore. But sometimes I am irresistibly attracted towards saving; I bring on my stored bunch of coupons to the store & realize that they had expired a few days ago.

Now that is disgusting!!! All my plans of shopping get spoilt.

This is what happens to your customers when they receive scattered emails & gradually lose interest in your offers. They are often overwhelmed with inappropriate and untargeted offers and develop no sense of urgency towards redemption. That leads to low redemption rate and higher expiry of coupons.

Given this scenario, how are you planning to derive their interest towards your business? Without a proper strategy, it may lead to losses.

The situation is alarming!!!

So how are you going to –

  • Get recurring business?
  • Increase revenue & build sales?
  • Increase redemption?
  • Reduce investment on marketing?
  • Attract audiences from your vicinity?
  • Engage new customers?
  • Retain your customer base?
  • Offer more personalized benefit to customers?
  • Build more satisfied customer base?

Of course these are the biggest hurdles in your growth but, fortunately with smart technology and increasing customer demand there is a flexible way of addressing these challenges.

We recommend bringing smart integrated mobile solution as an extension of your current offering, which your customers are eagerly looking for. That will help you address all the challenges hampering your business.

A robust integrated mobile solution will provide you with following benefits:

  • One time investment with no recurring expenses
  • Will utilize your current IT infrastructure
  • Reduced cost of implementation
  • Negligible production time
  • Fast & Easy execution of coupon campaign
  • Hassel free distribution of coupons
  • Quicker to create and publish offers
  • Targeting offers based on customer’s current location
  • Location based coupons to promote quick buying
  • Send personalized offers to retain your customers
  • Advanced analytics to help you determine customer behavior and purchase pattern
  • Help to reduce purchase funnel hence increase redemption rate
  • Environment friendly way of distributing benefits
  • More power in your hand to control coupon campaign

More freedom to Customer:

  • More loyal towards a merchant as they can save merchant as favorite
  • Allow customer to search and save coupon on the go
  • Customers can manage and redeem favorite coupons on time
  • Smart features like expiry reminder and mark favorite coupons
  • Advance search based on brand, location and merchants
  • Receive personalized offers based on set preference
  • Anytime offline access of coupons on mobile

With above listed benefits of mobility you can easily overcome all your hassles and increase your customer base and redemption. Also with the growing trends of mobility, your customers wants comfort of receiving offers on their mobile devices rather than scrolling all over the web to find offers or struggle with the redemption of traditional coupons.

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