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Salesforce IoT Cloud - Taking CRM to the next level


Vatsala Garg

November 10, 2022

IoT is something that has reset the tech game board. Earlier considered a wild card, it is now slowly cementing its place as a seasoned player.

In the simplest terms, IoT or the “Internet of Things” is any device with an on/off switch that is connected to the Internet. 

From the Fitbits on our wrists and the wifi in our cars to home-monitoring systems like Nest and Hive, IoT has already become a part of our lives.


Salesforce IoT Cloud Platform – ahead of the game

Salesforce, of course, is never far behind when it comes to capitalizing on new technologies. Salesforce IoT cloud is essentially a data repository for multiple connected devices. However, Salesforce has a different approach to IoT which sets it apart from other CRMs. 

Until now, the focus of most IoT strategies has been on the devices themselves. Salesforce, however, focuses on the customer behind the device. Its proactive strategy helps businesses establish closer relationships with customers which is one of the biggest benefits of Salesforce IoT.

This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Underneath the surface lies a huge mountain of reasons why Salesforce’s customer-centric approach makes IoT Cloud the best companion for your business.

impact of IoT cloud

Get close and personal with your customers

Salesforce IoT connects all devices in the customer’s location to the cloud. This encourages a proactive and personalized communication between the company and its customers. Also, enables the sales team to access relevant information about them. 

Salesforce IoT also analyses the data and makes personalised offers or information packets. The information is then sent to customers,  ahead of deadlines such as notifications when the product nears a deadline, outdated, or has a huge update in its system. 


Connects Everything

Salesforce’s IoT service supports businesses in managing big data collected from various operations, locations, and connected devices. It eliminates the need for human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. Everything is connected, self-sufficient, and autonomous all at once.


Give your customers what they want

The most important commodity for any business is information on customers’ demands, expectations and preferences. SFDC (Salesforce.com) has a machine learning feature called Cloud Customer Context that stores and analyses the history of behaviors and actions of customers to inform the real-time decisions of the company. 

It reads Customer Location, Customer History, Service History, as well as data from IoT devices to create a complete picture of what customers actually want. This feature allows businesses to make decisions that satisfy the needs of customers.


Don’t let the “code” scare you

We all know what a daunting task traditional cloud orchestration is. It requires complex coding that is out of budget for most businesses. Salesforce IoT uses a low-code approach that allows employees to carry out IoT processes without relying on an IT specialist.


Take advantage of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

We all know that simply having all the data in one place is not enough. The most important part of the process is the analysis. Well, Einstein Analytics Cloud is here for the rescue! It collects and processes data from various sources. This data is then used by the Salesforce IoT Cloud to produce visualization reports, predictions, trends, and patterns.

Einstein Analytics allows you to have a better understanding of how customers use services and the measures you need to take to attract more customers and improve services for different segments of customers.

And we all know that every business strategy boils down to a simple adage: Customer is the king. The success of any business depends entirely on how it adapts to changing customer demands and resolves customer issues. The IoT cloud will help you understand your customers’ smallest and most insignificant details – making it the perfect solution to achieve your business goals.

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