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Salesforce Summer 21 Release Highlights


Prachi Chouhan

June 30, 2021

The leading CRM giant, Salesforce, has released its much-awaited June ‘21 release highlights. They have some new and really exciting features for their users. Also, this release is all set to help email marketing professionals to boost their brand value through powerful emails! Here are the six significant highlights from the recent release of Salesforce Summer 21.

Salesforce CDP Enhancement
The powerful platform for connecting your customer data in a single place has a new name to better reflect exactly what the product is. The newly renamed Salesforce CDP is Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform. With Salesforce CDP, users can connect and unify customer data across different systems, power connected and personalized marketing experiences the customers expect in the digital age, and analyze cross-channel engagement behavior. This means that the user can now really have that single view of customers no matter where they interact with the brand.
The Salesforce CDP, formerly Customer 360 Audience with some amazing updates for the users:
Use Interaction Studio Behavioral Data
Get faster and real-time data updates when there’s a system update
Make better content decisions with more powerful filters
Activate to Interaction Studio to drive personalization
Load Data from Salesforce CDP into Datorama
Ingest data from Einstein Management
Create data streams using data from your mobile apps and websites
Connect your Commerce Cloud instance
And that’s not the end of it — Salesforce CDP has more enhancements in-store that enables users to harness customer data and deliver AI-driven, cross-channel insights about customers.

Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud: Advance
Salesforce Marketing Cloud has enhancement in Datorama, with the new Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud Advance. Datorama Reports enable you to generate, view, and share a detailed analysis of your Email and Journey campaign-level data.
Datorama Reports Advanced, a premium upgrade of Datorama Reports, adds more features, functionality, and analytics. Datorama Reports is powered by Salesforce Datorama, a leading marketing intelligence tool.
With the Datorama Reports Advanced features, you can:
Connect, visualize, and analyze key data sources quickly with out-of-the-box cross-channel solutions built by Datorama.
Customize and create dashboards that meet the end users’ needs.
Create and refine your key performance indicators (KPIs).
Create more fields and attributes using Datorama’s 100+ functions.

Datorama: CDP Connection
Salesforce is always about the 360-degree view of the customer, so unifying your customer data is a top priority. With the Datorama Connector for Salesforce CDP, you can now load your data from Salesforce CDP into Datorama with the Salesforce CDP API connector and app.
Turning data into insights and optimizations has never been easier. Not only can you automatically ingest demographic, engagement, and conversion data, but you can also act on this data straight away with Datorama’s out-of-the-box visuals and insights (the clicks, not code approach is a major plus!).

Einstein for Marketing Enhancement
As marketers, there continues to be increasing competition for customers’ attention. Einstein is a genius for increasing engagement rates on communications using the best send times and subject line for each customer.
Einstein STO is now available in Pardot, Salesforce’s B2B Marketing Automation solution. Using this, the user can send list emails to individual prospects at their preferred times. Einstein eliminates guesswork and helps in detailed segmentation using Einstein Send Time Optimization. The user can use Einstein’s machine learning skills to select the ideal send time for each email and prospect.
The new ECI Performance Tester will analyze a range of possible open rates based on your historical sends and the most likely open rates based on local and global historical open rates. With this new feature, the user can equip the team with valuable insights on the vocabulary and tone that work well with your customers and ultimately create more effective subject lines with higher open rates.

Pardot: Accounts as Campaign Members
Pardot can now boost the campaign engagement by associating Account records to a campaign. To allow the users to add accounts as campaign members, they will have to turn on the feature in Salesforce Setup, then update the page layouts to include the Campaign History-related list on account records.
Accounts, including person accounts added as campaign members, also appear in Campaigns and Campaign Member related lists and standard reports. To support the account-based marketing efforts, the user can add an account or a person account to a campaign as a campaign member for increasing prospecting efficiency. Not only that — they can also create standard and custom reports to track their engagement using the new direct relationship between Accounts and Campaigns.

Advertising Studio Enhancement
The latest Advertising Studio enhancement optimizes the First-Party audience strategy and explores and measures how the audiences perform across channels with a ready-made dashboard. Use the Audience Insights for Advertising Studio App to easily connect Advertising Studio to Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.
Audience Insights is now available on Advertising Studio to unify the customer advertising data and insights even more. This update lets the user to connect and harmonize the first-party audience data with performance data across your activation channels. It also allows you to:
Create complete data profiles – Combine all your data from any source to deliver a more relevant marketing experience.
Discover new insights – Respond to new data signals and sources to identify new audiences.
Access premium data sources – Use the most trusted second-and third-party data sources to build and scale your audiences.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud June 2021 Release is packed with new features that aim to create redefined customer experiences. Read the full June 2021 release notes for more details on the latest Marketing Cloud enhancements.

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