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ServiceNow Summit - Charlotte - key takeaways


Khushboo Bajaj

March 28, 2024

The ServiceNow Summit – Charlotte ended a month ago, and it’s time for us to share the most essential takeaways from the event.

ServiceNow Summit unites thousands of ServiceNow customers and colleagues from all over the world to witness two days of keynote sessions, fireside chats, roundtables, and demos that offered something for everyone in attendance.

Key takeaways

Here are four key takeaways from this year’s flagship event:

Your Bank can say YES to risk mitigation and a culture of innovation

A robust risk management program is essential for banks to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape, protect against potential threats, and sustain long-term success while fulfilling their responsibilities to stakeholders and regulators. With a centralized risk management program, banks can now mitigate risk by safeguarding the bank’s financial stability, protecting its assets, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and maintaining trust among stakeholders, fostering an atmosphere of change and innovation.

Building the future of Health IT

Healthcare delivery faces mounting pressures from factors like inflation, supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, and the consolidation of healthcare entities through mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile, non-traditional services and stakeholders, including retail clinics, home care programs, and virtual care platforms, are gaining prominence in the market. Amidst these changes, collaborative opportunities are arising for healthcare settings to redefine the methods and locations where healthcare services are provided.

Put AI and automation to work across the manufacturing value chain

The manufacturing business value chain includes various manufacturing steps, starting from design and innovation to source, procure and supply chain, make and distribute, and sale and service. ServiceNow enables manufacturing leaders to drive action across every part of their value chain, reduce time to market for new products, improve procurement and supplier management operations, accelerate digital factory transformation, and optimize customer support operations. The time has come to put AI and automation to work across various manufacturing solutions portfolios.

Mission success: An agency guide to improving experiences and serving the public

The government works with ServiceNow!

Behind every mission outcome is a process that drives experiences. ServiceNow digitize siloed processes – connecting and automating them so that government work flows. And, in doing so, ServiceNow dramatically increases value and improves experiences for government employees and the people they serve. From understanding context and intent to synthesizing information and generating content, the NOW platform offers exceptional experiences for both citizens and other agencies. 

A key part of the event were the breakout sessions:

Sponsor sessions

Get a sneak-peek into some of the sponsored sessions by ServiceNow partners. Get a hang of their topics and what the experts spoke about.

Leverage GenAI for just-in-time self-healing

A session sponsored by RapDev, a ServiceNow elite partner, threw light on how ADT adopted GenAl models to accelerate their troubleshooting lead times & reduce SLO breaches using AlOps, HLA, & real-time troubleshooting flows. ADT partnered with RapDev to build out logic utilizing multiple variables from the CMDB, alerts, & incident metadata to provide multiple troubleshooting steps in real-time.

How ServiceNow modernized their employee help desk & unlocked efficiency

The leading enterprise cloud-native collaboration platform ScreenMeet presented how the ServiceNow team realized its innovation objectives and achieved astounding results by expanding the power of their product with the next-generation ITSM Remote Support solution from ScreenMeet. The session was your playbook to elevate IT support, empower your Help Desk, and unlock efficiency!

Automating persona entitlements for effortless identity management

Sponsored by Alcor Solutions, a leading cloud platform, architecture, enterprise service management and integrated IT service delivery company, the session explored the transformative journey of bridging HR and IT in identity management creating a seamless foundation for effortless identity management in the modern enterprise.

Unlock your hyper-automation potential with ServiceNow

Presented by Infocentre, the session explored scenarios that can help your company streamline operations, bring together siloed organizations, and create efficiency from the front to the back office.

Final thoughts

The Summit wasn’t just keynotes and demos – it was a goldmine of practical strategies. Whether you were there in person or following along remotely, we hope that these insights can help you put your learnings into action and take your ServiceNow experience to the next level. Stay tuned for more blog posts on insights from ServiceNow Summits. Next up – ServiceNow Summit Seattle!

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