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Set sustainability as your core business value with Salesforce NetZero cloud


Darshana Jain

September 05, 2022

Sustainability is not just a good idea – it has become a matter of self-preservation. And making it an inevitable part of your core values is no longer an option, but a dire necessity for every single organization. When sustainability becomes your core value, you consciously or subconsciously assign higher weights to it. You prefer solutions that lead directly to achieving more sustainable business results, like carbon neutrality or net zero.

Companies as large as Apple, Coca-Cola, and IKEA have gone leaps and bounds to neutralize their footprints and achieve net zero – not only because it’s the call of the planet, but because it’s necessary for their bottom line.

Why Net Zero

In this new era of climate accountability, carbon data has become so crucial that it is trusted as financial data. Therefore, any initiative to reduce carbon footprints and gain net zero is now a welcome change. Besides, regulatory change may soon require organizations to report on ESG matters, and many countries are already disclosing their climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

Also, traditional carbon accounting has been a time and labor-intensive task. It consumes months for organizations to gather and log data and track down missing data, then actually make calculations and take decisions. Often organizations employ third parties to do these tasks for them.

Go carbon-neutral faster with Salesforce Net Zero-as-a-service

Introducing: Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud is an award-winning carbon accounting tool by Salesforce. It allows organizations to analyze their carbon data, make informed decisions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can use it to quantify your carbon footprint by tracking carbon emissions and energy consumption generated by your various assets or activities – buildings, products and travel.

It allows you to accelerate efforts towards carbon neutrality and deliver faster climate actions at scale. It offers a 360-degree view of your environmental impact and provides data-driven insights to take necessary steps toward a sustainable future.

Salesforce Net Zero is loaded with features that will help you achieve your sustainability goals.

SalesForce feature

One of the biggest benefits of Net Zero cloud is you can provide auditors with appropriate access to your Net Zero Cloud data. It allows them to review, question and ultimately sign off on your data within Salesforce.

More on Net Zero

There is more to Salesforce Net Zero cloud which gives you all the reasons to implement it today

Simplify carbon data collection

Well-designed data collection fields and automatic calculations simplify a complex accounting problem.

Use reference datasets

The app is pre-loaded with multiple reference data sources from the U.S. EPA, DEFRA, IPCC reports, and many others. These data sources, which can take weeks to collect and process for use in spreadsheets, are collected and contained in one place.

Drive actionable insights

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud leverages the power of the Lighting Platform to provide users with deep insights into carbon emissions patterns across their company.

Executive ready dashboards

Drive insights to executives about corporate energy use patterns, emissions trends, and areas of impact to reduce emissions.

Consequently, this tool enables you to communicate your sustainable actions to the world based on real facts.

It is time to make your organization more ecologically responsible – Salesforce Net Zero Cloud will assist you in obtaining the most accurate data possible so that you can build impactful and efficient climate action strategies for your organization.

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