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Social Engagement in the times of Social Distancing


Kanupriya Manchanda

March 26, 2020

Both social distancing and work from home have become the need of the hour and the new norm. While teams work from their homes, they need to engage with each other to develop a sense of belongingness and maintain business continuity. The biggest challenge the team faces is to keep the motivation alive and stay productive.

To avoid going crazy and enjoy the atmosphere at home while they work, our teams have adopted several unconventional ways to make the work exciting, they have engaged with each other through:

Virtual Tea Sessions: How about connecting virtually over a cup of tea and indulging in some chit-chat? Yes, our teams are meeting at tea-time as they meet in the office, the only difference is it is all happening virtually through video calls. Such sessions give them a break from work, and they enjoy hanging out with their colleagues.

Virtual Yoga Workshops: Health is always a concern for our team members, and although they are locked in their houses, they still practice Yoga virtually. The sessions are conducted through video calls, and usually, one team member takes the onus of teaching the Yoga postures to everyone.

Virtual Meeting Rooms: Whether Coronavirus or not, it is always crucial for teams to keep communication healthy and not miss any important update. To achieve the same, our teams created virtual meeting rooms on Google Hangouts to regularly update each other about the status of their work.

Online Contests: From rewarding the team member with the most creative workstation to applauding those who are sharing some quirky pictures of their current work-life like cooking while on a call or managing kids, our HR team is doing everything that it takes to pump up the spirits and make the atmosphere fun and light-hearted.

Social Media Engagement: Our teams leave no chance to keep our social media handles lively and vibrant. They do not mind sharing a relaxed picture in pajamas or a photo from their home garden where they relax to break the monotony. In addition to this, you can also check our social media handles for updates on Coronavirus and the precautions you should take to protect yourself and your families.

Family Time: When the teams work from their homes, it is their families who support them and respect their work routine and make sure that they work uninterrupted. When our teams started working remotely, they took out the time to meet with each other’s families and talked to people whom they have often heard about from their colleagues.

Coronavirus has hit us hard, and no one knows when our lives will get to normal. It is our responsibility to take every precaution in the wake of the virus. We are overwhelmed by ways in which our teams are practicing social distancing and cooperating in such situations, managing the real work-life balance and still creating WOW!

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