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Step towards Mobility


Arpit Jain

June 12, 2013

Mobile Coupon has given a new aspect to Coupon Industry. In year 2012 only 6.0% of mobile phone owners used Mobile-Coupons, later by mid of 2012 the number rose to 16.3% and is projected to leap to 24.3% by 2014 -according to e-Marketer (an independent research company).

Retailers are also looking at new ways to incorporate mobile into their strategies and use it as a secured delivery channel to drive in-store traffic, customer engagement and retention. With increasing penetration of smart phones, an Interactive Mobile Solution is something the retailers have to plan if they wish to remain competitive. It’s really important to engage and connect with customers at every touch-point of the purchase funnel i.e. from product discovery to product purchase – and indeed further, with repeat purchases. Mobile-coupons can be personalized and targeted at the individual, and it’s far more appealing to receive coveted coupons than encounter an uneven fired campaign.

Now M-Coupons holds strong presence in every marketing plan, it offers heavy business growth & product popularity beyond expectations, rather than just enhancing customer engagement. These are great ways to garner loyal consumers as well. Being handy, m-coupons are easier and faster to be redeemed, than cutting “the paper coupons” and stashing them in the wallets. The anytime anywhere access feature of mobile apps drive impulse purchases. The smart m-coupon apps allow users to mark desired coupons and merchants as favorites and also receive notifications based on their interests or favorites; this certainly gives more personalized services to delight users. One can also search and download relevant coupons for future use and set reminders for its expiry date, this makes sure that not a single coupon is ignored and guarantees purchase.

The benefits of mobile app are not limited only to accessing coupons when needed, but also a mobile device comes with various interesting features like; push notification, location based services and interactive map with turn by turn navigation to reach merchant store. Such timely assistance by app collectively offers a complete smart saving and shopping package to the customers which he always desires.

However Paper Coupon also appealed consumers for its money saving offers, but most of the times… it sheltered into the garbage bins as it never helps in quick buying as no one always carries a bunch of coupons in their pockets. Whereas Mobile-Coupons’ customer oriented flavor appeal users not only for the discounts they offer but also for the unusual concurrence and relevance they represent”.

Mobile-Coupons are adopted by marketers over traditional coupon because they are highly targetable and granularly track-able; can be issued on the fly in response to changing business conditions; are cheaper and more reliable to distribute, non-intrusive as compared to” a printed circular” and also doesn’t require high speed data network as required by an ecoupon – perhaps best of all – much more likely to be redeemed. They also bring the power in merchant’s hand with direct benefits by cutting out the middle man share & can also reduce their expenses for launching a coupon into the market.

It’s time for marketers to rapidly embrace the power of mobile phones to deliver the right deal at the right place and time to exactly the right customer.

“Mobile-Coupons are the only way to increase saving and reduce purchase funnel.”

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