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Strategies to embrace Digital Transformation in the Middle East


Vatsala Garg

February 01, 2022

In recent years, the Middle East has been experiencing digital transformation in abundance. From businesses to consumers, everyone in the region is getting more and more plugged into the online world. However, to achieve more, there are certain strategies that the Middle East organizations should adopt to meet their business objectives, embrace digital transformation with open arms, and for total customer delight.

Strategies can be categorized into four broad categories


Developing an innovation mindset: Here, we do not mean developing skill sets, which can be achieved by either the right hiring or training. By developing an innovation mindset, we mean the mindset needed to support transformation and bring innovation. Mindsets such as embracing change, rewarding innovation, taking risks, learning quickly from mistakes are few to be considered.

Acceptance from leadership: Not only the right mindset, and acceptance from leadership to bring about a digital transformation is required, it may be converting a manual process into an automated one or abandoning using a legacy application and adopting an advanced one, but the leadership should have a complete acceptance and buy-in.

Accountability; The final approach for people to adopt digital transformation is accountability, adoption may or may not prove beneficial, but, it is the accountability of people taking complete ownership of the project that matters, eventually.


One single crucial strategy to processes for adopting digital transformation is to identify which process should be chosen first. Since processes are pervasive across organizations and the lines between where one starts and another continues can overlap greatly, it helps to start with processes most important to your company’s bottom line. The processes that are involved in the entire value chain are best, to begin with.


The same goes with platforms, identifying which platforms to choose for digital churning is a significant decision. Platforms that are compatible with other systems, which are not slow to build and work with, which are uncomplicated, deliver on their promise, are not restricted in their scope, and can be scaled are the best platforms to begin your digital journey. So, if you are using an HRMS and wish to switch, make sure that the transition is less time-consuming and deliver the results your desire. Remember, a crawling platform is a killer of digital transformation.


Best and the most realistic strategy for partnerships is to ensure you are establishing new partnerships with a winning mindset and with open arms. One more is to focus on outcomes rather than on deliverables.

As you start embracing all the mentioned strategies to realize your business aspiration,  just rethink why you begin and why this transformation is important for your organization – to your people and yourself.

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