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Sushruta: Innovating health, transforming lives


Yash Lunawat

February 06, 2024

Sushruta made its debut at Innovation Day 2024, InfoBeans’ annual flagship event.

Before we delve deep into the features and benefits of Sushruta, let us first give you a brief introduction:

The challenge

The patient’s journey typically begins with an inquiry to the hospital, often initiated by doctors, patients, or parents. Subsequently, the reception team engages in form-filling and screenings. However, this manual process, reliant on pen and paper, results in email overhead, handovers, and delays, including insurance verification through email.

Throughout treatment, essential data is generated, but often remains in paper form post-discharge. Fragmented systems and poor collaboration among stakeholders lead to gaps in the process, ultimately impacting patient care negatively. Sushruta aims to rectify this by offering a unified platform for stakeholder collaboration, thereby enhancing overall patient treatment.

Understanding the ecosystem

Sushruta doesn’t just promise change – it actively delivers. Our product automates workflows and simplifies processes. The highlighted green boxes in the diagram represent Sushruta’s features.

  • Omni-channel enquiries: It efficiently handles inquiries through various channels, enabling smooth transitions for patients from email to hospital visits and phone calls without losing progress.
  • Live chat + bots: A key feature is the use of bots for continuous patient engagement. Reception staff interact during office hours, while bots take over during non-office hours, ensuring uninterrupted communication. 
  • Screening: The automated screening process, including approvals, significantly reduces the time needed from days to hours. 
  • Insurance eligibility: Insurance verification is seamlessly integrated using Generative AI to enhance productivity. 
  • Health metrics tracking: Sushruta synchronizes data with patient consent, including sleep patterns, blood pressure, heartbeat, and oxygen levels.

The Sushruta advantage – What sets us apart

Each feature of Sushruta revolves around placing the patient at the center of every workflow, ensuring improved patient outcomes and increased satisfaction. By streamlining business workflows and enabling bots to handle inquiries even during off hours, we eliminate the risk of missing out on potential business opportunities.

We are also well aware of the intricate nature of healthcare workflows, extending beyond patient-doctor interactions.  It also includes pharmaceuticals, operations, and finance. Our system can automate these diverse workflows, providing comprehensive support.

Traditionally, once a patient is admitted to one of our partner hospitals or facilities, there is a lack of visibility into their ongoing care. However, our product offers a complete 360-degree view of the patient’s journey. With just a click, you can access information about medications, attending physicians, and bed availability at any facility. This real-time visibility enables you to promptly address issues and understand what is and isn’t working for the patient. It also facilitates feedback loops, allowing for continuous improvement in patient care.

Target segment

Our target audience includes large hospitals, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. The unique selling point of our product lies in the pre-built workflows that customers can customize to suit their specific use cases. This eliminates the need to start from scratch; instead, they can simply tailor our workflows to meet their business requirements.

Additionally, we have partnerships with industry influencers and third-party sellers who can effectively market and sell our product. We plan to offer our product on a subscription basis, charging $25 per user per month.

What will customers gain from Sushruta?

We are 83% cheaper than our closest competitor, Salesforce Health Cloud, which costs $300. Our cost is significantly lower.

Recognizing the highly regulated nature of this space, we ensure strict compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and the DPP regulations set forth by India during the product development. 

Our extensive industry expertise is evident through our successful projects in the healthcare domain. Clients benefit from this expertise when choosing to work with us. 

This is not merely digital translation; it signifies digital transformation. Our product is future-ready and seamlessly integrates with EHRs and EMRs. It distinguishes itself from conventional data entry tools by facilitating pure digital transformation, streamlining workflows, and ensuring a return on investment for the purchased product.

To know more about Sushruta, contact us here.

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