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Tableau vs. Tableau CRM – Know The Difference!


Yogesh Patil

April 11, 2022

Great customer experience is built on data. Without data analytics, finding a conclusion could be difficult. Tableau and Tableau CRM, from Salesforce, provide data visualization. These are simple to use and can be integrated with existing databases, applications, or CRMs.

Tableau and Tableau CRM are great reporting applications, but there are some notable distinctions. One of the key differences is- Tableau CRM is unique to Salesforce’s ecosystem. On the other hand, Tableau is a self-contained program. Both tools are effective; however, depending on the use case, one may be preferable to the other for each organization.

To understand it better, let’s discuss it in detail.

Distinguishable Differences!

TableauTableau CRM
Tableau is an Enterprise-wide dataTableau CRM is used as a CRM-centric data analytics tool.
Tableau was launched in 2003.Tableau CRM is the new name for Einstein analytics, which was launched in 2017 as Wave analytics.
Tableau is a powerful and fastest-growing data visualization tool that helps in simplifying raw data that professionals can understand at any level in an organization.Tableau CRM is an end-to-end analytics solution with powerful data management, data visualization, and predictive analytics capabilities that enable end-users to take action within their work environment.
Tableau supports a live data connection using Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop.Tableau CRM is built on an open, extensible, and scalable cloud-based platform.
Tableau offers an end-to-end analytics platform serving a broad range of enterprise use cases.Tableau CRM is ideal for the team members who need their analytics deeply integrated throughout their Salesforce CRM, providing actionability and AI-driven insights natively in the platform.
It can be helpful for users to explore and share a broad range of data & use cases.It is suitable for Salesforce users for gaining actionable insights into the CRM workflow to boost productivity.
It is a modern self-service business intelligence tool that can connect to various data sources.It is an AI-powered advanced analytics tool that automatically performs all the advanced machine learning (ML), data discovery, and deep learning activities.
Tableau remains outside the overall Salesforce ecosystem.While Tableau CRM is a direct add-on, you can purchase it on top of any Salesforce software.
Use Cases

  • If you want to create a fully customized, meaningful, and visually striking dashboard that can be embedded into the website or public domain, Tableau is for you!
  • If you are already a Tableau user (but not a Salesforce user), you can explore Tableau CRM because of its predictive analytics capabilities. But customization would be required to meet your business needs.
Use Cases
Already a Salesforce User? then explore Tableau CRM because:

  • It’s built on top of the Salesforce platform.
  • Existing users can use all features & functionalities.
  • Easier to adopt.
  • Easier to create/upgrade existing reports and dashboards and get the benefits of predictive analytics with existing data.


Tableau and Tableau CRM tools are significantly different in capabilities; both of them are powerful for their specific purpose. Regardless of what you choose, both will continue to innovate, push capabilities, and eventually help the end-users to work more innovatively.

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