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The best of Rome Release from ServiceNow


Anuja Pawar

September 15, 2021

The Rome release is just around the corner, and just like any release from ServiceNow, Rome also has a lot of fab new features and enhancements. We took a sneak peek into the new instance to give you a summary of some great new features being added. The article focuses on the technical aspects primarily relevant for Admins, Developers, and Security teams.

Mobile App Builder – Mobile App Builder will be your new go-to place for Mobile Apps, replacing the current Mobile Studio. A powerful, streamlined interface allows to create and configure rich mobile experiences. This plugin can be integrated with the App Engine Studio but will also be made available on the Store as a standalone plugin at no additional cost.

IT Operations Management (ITOM) – Rome’s new feature enables containerization for MID servers. With Docker Recipes, any Windows or Linux admin will be able to create a unified container. These containers can be deployed on any scale, or as a blueprint for upscaling MID server environments. 

HR Service Delivery (HRSD) – From the ServiceNow Rome release, the Employee Center will be delivered through the ServiceNow Store. This will open up a world of new features, faster than ever.

Automation discovery – Identify opportunities for automating ServiceNow applications, such as Virtual Agent and Agent assist. End the struggle with how and when to turn on automation solutions from ServiceNow, and increase deflection while lowering MTTR.

Virtual Agent enhancements – Transform user engagement and simplify developer experiences with features such as asynchronous chat, Virtual Agent Designer, and conversational analytics.

AI Search enhancements – Improved accuracy and relevancy for an enhanced user experience. Search external content securely, driving a cohesive experience for customers looking for a unified portal solution.

NLU Workbench enhancements – Multilingual Model Management delivers an enhanced workbench experience  with multiple ways of translating a  model from a primary language to  a secondary language for greater  flexibility​.

Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) – Now, employees have access to all the Workplace Reservation Management features from their Outlook application. They can create an appointment or edit an existing one, easily find available spaces ad request extra services without the need to open a separate application.

Flow Designer – The new Error Handling feature allows you to trigger separate flow logic if the default logic fails for any reason. You can add a system log, a notification to an admin, or perhaps automatically create an incident to be solved or manually assign a task to a team if integration fails within your flow.

Customer Service Management (CSM) – The plug-in Next Best Action for Customer Service in the Rome release allows you to create the next best actions like guidance or decision trees depending on the record your agents are working on.

Rome release will change your day-to-day ways of working. It will improve collaboration with developers through App Engine Studio, with more options for assigning access to different users. On top of that, you will get better security with Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Export Metrics, and Platform Encryption.

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