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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Angular JS for Your Next Web Application Development


Tarulata Champawat

September 13, 2017

Angular has been used by thousands of websites with some of the brand names such as Intel, NBC, ABC News utilizing this framework. Angular JS has gained a lot of popularity in a relatively short span of time in the market and many enterprises have also started adopting this technology for their enterprise application development needs. As a result, most developers can’t imagine creating an impressive single page app (SPA) without using Angular JS.

The main purpose of developing Angular JS by Google was to assist developers in creating rich client-based applications. Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, Angular JS is less complicated as most of the features and uses of jQuery and JavaScript are already integrated into Angular. As a powerful MVC framework, Angular requires less coding and provides many interesting features to get rid of repetitive tasks needed for creating a rich user interface app.

Let’s examine in detail how this technology can be useful and understand the reasons behind its wide usage across the industry.

What is Angular JS?

Angular JS, the ‘Superheroic JavaScript framework’, is a powerful JavaScript framework that enables the creation of dynamic web-applications by using HTML as its template language. This open-source front-end framework is maintained by Google and a community comprising of individuals and companies to overcome the challenges posed in developing single page apps. Angular JS is easy and simple to use and helps in simplifying the application development process and the structure of the JavaScript code.

Key Advantages of Using Angular JS for Web Application Development

Faster Page Loading

One of the most prominent reasons behind the massive popularity of Angular JS is the faster page loading. Angular JS uses HTML template files which get cached by the browser and prevent server trips in subsequent visits, aiding faster page loads. Similarly, the controller JS files get cached too and the application just needs to fetch new data from the server. Angular JS also allows developers to architect their front-end applications with a minimal coupling on the back-end thereby further improving the page load times.

Rapid Development

Application development is very quick and efficient using Angular JS as developers do not need to reinvent the wheel. Most common tasks have high-level wrappers built around them to ease the coding. The data binding and Dependency Injection features of Angular JS eliminate the need to write lengthy code and allow the developers to focus on building the business logic. A cohesive agreement between the model and view can be maintained through minimal code using the two-way data binding. ng-annotate, Bower, JsLint are some popular tools which further help developers in faster development with Angular JS.

Good Programming Practices

Angular JS encourages superior programming practices within the framework and helps in creating high-quality web-applications. By following Angular JS coding guidelines, developers can enjoy many benefits including – model as a source of truth, REST API connection to servers, dependency injection, and the ability to make directives.

Testability of Applications

Angular JS is created keeping testability in mind and is unit testing ready. Through the use of Dependency Injection or DI, Angular JS boosts the testability of the applications. Angular JS applications are linked together using Dependency Injection, which manages the controllers and scopes of the application. Unit tests can simply inject data into the controller and measure the behavior and output. Angular JS, thus, speeds up the overall testing process.

Active Community

There are individuals working as part of the key development team around the world who are constantly involved in making changes or improvements to this open source framework. Angular JS is quite popular among other JavaScript frameworks and it forms a vital part of the discussions in many conferences held worldwide among IT communities. There are also many books and online resources that are easily available for developers to boost their knowledge and skills in this area.

Solid backing by Google

Most developers find it comforting to work with a powerful Library of Framework with a solid backing of Google which offers get full support for their project. There are other JavaScript application architectures, but Angular JS is an exception as it’s the result of the brilliant work by exceptionally talented Google engineers themselves. This gives Angular JS an edge over other JavaScript frameworks and developers prefer using it than the others.

Custom Directives

Custom Directives is one of the most powerful features of Angular JS. Custom Directives allow the developers to define the application specifications a lot more clearly than regular HTML elements. A Directive in Angular JS is a reusable component which captures all the functionalities and properties of an element and helps in keeping all of the relevant functionality together. With this, the developers need to keep a track of changes of one HTML section only in one place and they don’t need to worry about debugging the global script in case of any error.

Parallel Development / Collaboration

Angular JS offers flexibility to the developers for writing and testing code side by side, which is especially useful for large projects that rely on multiple key functions. This aids the process of application development which becomes faster and makes it easy for developers.


Angular JS provides a solid framework which is ideal for developing single page applications and helps in speeding up the development process. Besides, some of its distinguishing features including two-way data binding, deep linking power along with custom directives provide the most incredible and robust platform for developers to build fast, rich and high-quality enterprise grade single page applications.

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