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Travel Mobile Apps: A Handy Tool in Traveler’s Hand


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May 22, 2013

Surfing internet has become a common activity among all while being mobile. Every individual is so keen to find out which is the best possible way to hassle free the travel. Even I love to travel & that’s why it’s important for me to have a little electronic companion by my side to help me when I’m on board & here we know the way that can help.

This is where several mobile apps come into the play. They now have a very efficient & vital role in the travel world. As we are already on the move, why not spice up the journey with some suitable mobile apps. Which may add flavors to travelling?

Finding a suitable mobile app will be totally based on the traveler’s concern. As you are on the go, mobile apps offer you help in several ways, just from planning a trip, to the time you return. They keep you updated with slightest shifts in the travel plans, booking your tickets, planning the itineraries and the stay.

On regards of the different types of travel approach, the search for the apps may vary. These mobile apps help me a lot. They allow me to sort through over millions of user generated reviews & opinions. In doing so I can search; hotels, flights, restaurants, etc. They give conserved results that highlight various options of; where to stay, what to eat, etc. etc. If you see something you like, you can save it for later reviewing & even contact the hotel or restaurant straight from the app. View map locations & opinions from the users who have been to the places you search. Sorting option in an app adds a rich user experience & makes it easy to use the app. Some travelers prefer to meet the locals, who may help them to know more about the place, so there are few apps that provide you updates about the local historians & experts (the most authentic sources). With some apps you can find; the best places of sight, local interests, places to dine, famous tourist spots/destinations, best time to visit, weather updates, etc. and if you are somewhere for a short span of time, these mobile apps allow you find out & do the nearest room booking with respect to your current location & even keep you updated about the public events going on in that location. A smart mobile device can also offer augmented reality, like features to bring the map in real life.

Earlier planning a trip was the most troublesome task a traveler had to do before being on board. And a slight discrepancy in a schedule might stumble down all his planning. He was never before so updated about his journey from the travel industry, like; ticket booking and confirmation, delay in schedules for arrival & departure, hotel & accommodations etc. But today there are few apps that send you the regular updates on entire process without engaging a travel agent for the minor shifts.

It’s an ultimate convenience for people who are the last moment travel planners- to be able to reserve everything from flight tickets to booking hotels through a mobile app, because in today’s scenario there are almost 70% of travelers who plan their itineraries within the 24-hours period of travel with their mobile devices.

Travel mobile apps have become so handy that you can use them anywhere around the world, either climbing a distant mountain or even if moving in the streets of a modern town.

Downloading few offline city/travel guides can even help you browse all useful information without requiring an internet connection to fetch some information and this may help you save your high data bills.

Travelling is a passion for those who wish to explore various destinations and they expect a lot of support from their mobile devices. They look out for the destination specific apps that can provide them relevant information related to their routes, Local markets, transports availability, budgeted accommodations, subway maps, emergency contact details etc. and at the same time they want to keep in touch with their friends and family members & brag to them about all the fun & experience they are having. They sometimes like to recommend, rate or share their travel details using the travel mobile apps, by this they can also promote data related to a tourism destination, which is eventually beneficial for both; the fellow traveler (to get an idea about the place he is planning to visit, through the comments/ratings) & the industry to improve their services & draw increased number of tourists.

So now it’s the time for the travel industry to be prepared to help their travelers whilst they are moving and have all the benefits of growing their customer base through & over the mobile technology. Travel mobile apps are supposed to bring a revolution in the travel era.

When everybody is dependent on mobile technology & spending more online, why shouldn’t the travel industry take the lead and bid their customer “A Very Happy Travelling”?

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