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Unlocking success: How Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can revolutionize SDOs


Dhavan Rathore

May 24, 2023

Step into a New Era of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)! Are you ready to witness a revolutionary transformation in how SDOs operate and thrive? 

Let us introduce you to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. A powerful platform that is reshaping the SDO landscape and empowering organizations like never before.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a game-changing solution for the SDO industry. With its dynamic features and user-friendly interface, this platform is the key to streamlining operations and maximizing the potential of your organization.

How does it work? Let’s find out!

Revolutionizing SDOs: Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud as the Game Changer

Here’s how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can transform your SDO:

Infographic showing the 7 benefits of using Salesforce nonprofit cloud, namely management of committee, record, collaboration, document, volunteer, fundraising, grant and program. Also, integration with marketing cloud.

Fig 1: Benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for SDOs

  • Committee management

Salesforce for Nonprofits provides a centralized platform where committee members can collaborate, vote, and provide valuable comments in real-time. With transparent comment and voting processes, along with ballot reports at the committee and ballot level, you can ensure a seamless decision-making workflow and enhance the efficiency of your committee management.

  • Streamlined record management

Keeping track of records and their lifecycle can be a daunting task. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud simplifies the process by allowing volunteers/members to submit records for revision or new standards, all within the system. With read-only views for record details and the ability to add supporting documents, you can manage records effectively while ensuring a smooth approval process as well.

  • Collaboration and document management 

Effective collaboration is key in the SDO industry. Salesforce for Nonprofits enables seamless collaboration, making it easier for committee members to review and provide comments. By centralizing your documents and resources, you can ensure easy access and knowledge sharing among the members.

  • Volunteer management

SDOs can enjoy significant benefits in various aspects of volunteer management, including application processing, review and approval, volunteer onboarding, and roster management. 

  1. Application Processing: With customized application forms accessible online, the platform eliminates manual paperwork and simplifies the application process for membership or fellowship programs. 
  2. Review and approval: You can set up automated workflows for review and approval, ensuring applications are evaluated efficiently and follow the appropriate channels. 
  3. Volunteer onboarding and resignations/terminations: You can enjoy seamless volunteer onboarding by automating tasks like orientation materials, training modules, and documentation. Furthermore, the platform aids in managing volunteer resignations and terminations by providing a centralized database of volunteer records.
  4. Volunteer Roster management: The platform provides a centralized database that houses comprehensive volunteer records, making it effortless to track and manage the volunteer roster.
  • Fundraising and grant management

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud enables SDOs to nurture donor relationships, track engagement history, and personalize communications. The platform streamlines grant management, from opportunity tracking to application and reporting. Customizable grant forms, collaborative document storage, and centralized data ensure a smooth process. With Nonprofit Cloud, SDOs can optimize fundraising, diversify methods, and navigate grants with ease, driving their mission forward and making a greater community impact.

  • Program Management

Program management is a key task of SDO operations. However, doing things manually can make it a tedious and time-consuming process. Salesforce for Nonprofits is a comprehensive platform that surpasses manual processes. It enables streamlined project tracking, participant management, and milestone monitoring. 

With automation and centralized data, organizations can efficiently manage programs, improving efficiency and maximizing impact. By embracing Nonprofit Cloud, SDOs can optimize program management, enhance participant experiences, and achieve greater outcomes, leaving behind the challenges and limitations of manual approaches.

  • Integration with marketing cloud for follow-ups, volunteer involvement, reminders

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers seamless integration with Marketing Cloud, empowering SDOs with robust capabilities for follow-ups, volunteer involvement, and reminders. Through Marketing Cloud’s powerful automation and communication tools, organizations can engage with volunteers, donors, and stakeholders in a personalized and targeted manner. Automated email campaigns, personalized messaging, and reminder notifications can be easily set up to nurture relationships, promote events, and drive volunteer participation. 

Final Thoughts

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers an all-in-one solution to revolutionize SDOs. By embracing this incredible platform, you can optimize operations, enhance stakeholder engagement, and drive meaningful impact. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your SDO and take it to new heights with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. 

Are you ready to take the leap? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. 

InfoBeans is the Salesforce Platinum Partner of choice. To know more about how Salesforce Nonprofit cloud can be useful for your SDO, contact us here.

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