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UX Drill at InfoBeans


Arpit Jain

March 25, 2014

At InfoBeans, we understand the importance of User Experience and how it can make or break the overall experience of the solution, if overlooked. It is no more a luxury but a necessity of any solution that is developed.

And it is important that the principles of User Experience are ingrained in the team members across the organization and not just a specialized group who are designated to work on UX. The UX Drill at InfoBeans is a step in that direction where newly joined folks and upto SSE or SQAE level get a chance to learn and improve their UX skills.

The first link in the chain is Heuristics Evaluation exercise.

Heuristics are a set of recognized usability principles that helps to identify usability issues in the user interface. There are 10 most widely used usability heuristics and we have exercises for each heuristic as part of Heuristics Evaluation Activity in the UX Drill.

Watch this space for the winners!


And the Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #1

…drum roll…

Azam Winner UXHeuristic1

Congratulations Azam!


Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #2 and #3


Congratulations Neha!


Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #4 and #5


Congratulations Ruchi!


Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #6 and #7


Congratulations Prativesh!


Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #8


Congratulations Rabindra!


Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #9 and #10

NitinJainWinnerHeuristics 9 and 10

Congratulations Nitin!

A big round of applause for all the winners!

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