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UX trends to look for in 2020


Tarulata Champawat

December 27, 2019

At InfoBeans, we are always eager to embrace the latest trends, and this time it is UX. Read our latest blog on changing UX trends in 2020 and how marketers need to maneuver their marketing strategy to match the same.

The year 2020 is round the corner, and it is also the last year of this decade! The UX industry has undergone a metamorphosis in the previous ten years and has been completely revolutionized, especially after the advent of AI, ML, VR, and AR. In the coming decade, too, UX will witness significant changes, and events like the Tokyo Olympics will have a massive impact on the UX industry in 2020. In addition to this, we will also see a shift in user perception that will take the UX industry to an altogether new level.

Let us look at the 2020 UX trends that marketers should adopt to meet user preferences and offer them a unique experience:

Less is more: As simple as it sounds, ‘Less is More’ refers to using elements, colors, design styles, and graphics that are simple yet classy and still conveys the intended message. Although at InfoBeans, we have adopted this strategy for long, but now this is going to be a major key differentiator in 2020. UX in 2020 will be all about minimalism; there will be no unnecessary notifications, pop-ups, and the navigation will be completely uncluttered. The objective behind adopting minimalism as a feature is to add value to user experience, clear the clutter and encourage users to spend a long time on your application.

Multiple device compatibility: It will become the most in-demand trend in UX in 2020. Whether it is booking a cab, ordering food, or buying apparel, the application should open uniformly on all devices; mobiles, laptops, tabs, and even on a watch. It should have the same capabilities and should give the same user experience. We at InfoBeans too make sure that the applications that we create are compatible with all the devices.

Bespoke Design: Graphics that speaks about your brand hit more than usual or generic graphics. Consider designing your graphics and make use of colors that your customer relates to your brand instantly. Bespoke designs have their advantages, from creating a unique identity to brand recall, they achieve more than the intended purpose. Reach out to InfoBeans’ UX team for bespoke designs, we will address your need and will offer you the most customized UX possible.

Speed is the key: No user wishes to wait for the website or App to open. Everyone looks for an instant option that does not kill their time. Therefore, in 2020, websites and Apps that open instantly, i.e., even before the stipulated 5 Sec, are going to lead over websites that take more time. Here, the onus is both on UI developers and UX designers, as it is their joint responsibility to reduce the site loading time significantly.

Make use of AR, VR, and AI: An extensive use of the latest technologies position you like an advanced and technology-driven company. The user benefits from such technologies, and his overall experience with the brand enhances. While AR, VR’s intended purpose is to offer users a novel way to understand the product, AI’s intended purpose is to take over a lot of manual tasks and perform them using AI.

A quick wrap-up: UX will be the next craze after the Tokyo Olympics in the Year 2020! A regular UX audit is recommended throughout the year, and all the latest trends should be incorporated well in time. Other than the mentioned trends, there will be more exciting trends to follow. Keep in sync with the trends and Infobeans UX team is here to offer you the best UX. Strategically decide your content and digital strategy to leverage UX and increase your revenue, eventually.

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