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We networked, learnt and engaged - Know about our experience at Future Blockchain Summit


Vatsala Garg

October 14, 2022

With flying cars, virtual DJs and interactive robots, this year’s GITEX GLOBAL was a treat for all technology lovers. It was the world’s largest, most inclusive tech & startup event which unveiled new worlds of promise. The event was a gateway into an unimaginable new digital universe–from the transcendent power of 6G to the vast virtual business ecosystems of the Metaverse.

Our team at InfoBeans was honored and exhilarated to attend the event and take a step towards the future of technology. We looked forward to understanding how new technologies will impact the entire life span of humans. As tech enthusiasts, we can say with certainty that this was an event that we will remember for a long time. 

We attended the Future Blockchain Summit, the MENA region’s largest Blockchain conference and exhibition, and X-VERSE, the year’s biggest metaverse wonder. 

These events provided a platform for hugely talented innovators who talked about all things blockchain – i.e. regulations, cryptocurrencies and Metaverse. Some of the biggest innovators who participated in GITEX GLOBAL included: 

MetAmazonia: MetAmazonia is a next-gen, photorealistic 3D metaverse. With the use of blockchain and the metaverse, it will help the fight against climate change, deforestation and poverty. This is something that will have a significantly positive impact on the lives of millions of people. 

TDeFi: TDeFi is an advisor and incubator for global blockchain projects. It has advised and invested in more than 50 of the world’s most innovative blockchain initiatives.

Edverse: It is the world’s first advanced education metaverse that hopes to “catapult” today’s education system to the next level–one based on highly immersive educational experiences. It aims to unite students, educators, creators and the promoters of education in a 3D edscape.

WISP Games: WISP will allow players across the world to earn, use and sell NFTs on a blockchain e-sports tournament platform by participating in platform-organized tournaments.

GensoKishi Online Metaworld: Genso is the metaverse incarnation of the game Elemental Knights. It allows users to customize their own skins, characters, weapons and maps. These can now be registered on the Blockchain to be sold, transferred and bought as NFTs.

Sensorium: The Sensorium Galaxy Metaverse offers virtual environments where users can create new identities, tour vast worlds filled with activities and talk with their favorite artists.

Vulcan Forged: This is a one-stop shop where users can access popular games. It also features a huge NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell digital assets in-game.

Megaverse: A multipurpose, hyper-realistic metaverse platform for gamers, government entities and multinational brands.

A sports camp for the mind

Every day in the session felt like a rigorous exercise for our brains. We learnt something new every day and met some of the brightest minds in tech. The thought-provoking sessions were both informative and exciting. Some of the most memorable sessions our team attended were: 

  • Metaverse DJs – a showcase from Tribe XR, the world’s biggest DJ school.“This event was thrilling to say the least. It was an exciting glimpse of how far VR and mixed-reality experiences have progressed.” said one of our team members.
  • The future of Web3: Virtual artists and beings take over the AI driven metaverse
  • Future of an immersive metaverse: Creator economy and the future of jobs
  • Case study: Mixed reality for cultural heritage
  • Human Creativity versus algorithmic thinking creativity in the metaverse
  • Metaverse opportunity for Fintech
  • Will Super Apps redefine the future of financial services? 
  • and many more sessions, each one as amazing as the next.

Our thoughts 

Metaverse is the future as human behavior is changing rapidly. Science fiction is slowly turning into reality. People are going to concerts with holograms. Metahumans exist. Soon, office spaces will have digital twins.

We, at InfoBeans, create exclusive digital transformation experiences and are banking on how metaverse promises to be an exciting new frontier in customer and employee engagement. It will change shopping, entertainment and banking experiences and make them super impactful and easy.

This was an absolutely amazing learning experience for us and it exceeded all our expectations. We look forward to attending GITEX GLOBAL 2023 next year to see the new leaps the world of technology takes.

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