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Why Every Sales-team Needs A CPQ Software ?


Bhavesh Shah

January 21, 2021

CPQ is a sales enablement tool used within a quote to cash process during sales cycle. Any organization selling their products / services may look for such a tool for below reasons:

1.Quickly Create Quotes

Time is essence in today’s world and customers are demanding instant quotations. In such dynamic condition traditional way of creating quotes may take days before they are submitted to customer. CPQ tool provides capabilities to generate quotes in few minutes. Even quotes with complex customization and dynamic pricing may not take more than few hours to produce.

2.Improve Accuracy

Its essential that sales team quotes for products, which are accurate as per catalogues and they carry correct pricing to avoid conflicts during fulfillment of order. CPQ gives a flexible way to configure/customize products/offers on quote and generate correct pricing driven by rules and custom logic.

3.Increase Deal Size

Today’s sales team wants to make sure they can address all requirements of the customer during their initial interaction. CPQ enables sales team to propose higher quantities or other products that could result in more discounts or benefit to customer.

4.Sales Enablement

New sales team members may take while getting use to understanding of product catalogue and how to manage pricing/discounting. What compatibilities to consider while quoting multiple products etc. CPQ helps sales team easily and quickly ramp up by means of guiding them thru sales process, helping them provide accurate pricing for products, making sure compatible products are quoted and so on.

5.Personal Quotes

Sales team would always want to give personalized quotes to their customers, so they feel the connect. This generally takes time as for each customer we need to prepare separate quote document. CPQ helps generate professional looking quotes with personalize content with a click of a button.

Successful Implementation Of CPQ Software Helps Your Company Become More Effective And Efficient In Sales Process.

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