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XpressRecruit: Empowering talent with AI


Sandeep Gupta

February 26, 2024

XpressRecruit made its debut at Innovation Day 2024, InfoBeans’ annual flagship event, where it secured the Bronze Award.

Delivering a great candidate experience is absolutely essential, regardless of how attractive you are as an employer. 


A great candidate experience can help you engage more jobseekers and sway your top-choice candidates toward accepting your job offer over another one.

So, how can you offer a great candidate experience?

One of the most crucial is reducing the time to hire.

But there are certain roadblocks, and the biggest is sifting through hundreds of resumes, which can be both time-consuming and daunting. The last thing a recruiter wants to do is fill a position with someone who doesn’t have the skills to perform the role. Not only will a poor hire take longer to assimilate into the workplace culture, but it could also lead to lost dollars for the company in training and productivity costs.

This is where XpressRecruit comes in handy, as it streamlines the recruitment process by automating the candidate matching process, significantly reducing the time to hire.

What is it?

XpressRecruit is an AI-based advanced solution for swift and accurate candidate selection that helps improve recruiter productivity by automating the candidate matching process with the job role. Its AI or ML algorithms identify job fit candidates, assess technical skills, and provide visual insights into candidate confidence. These technologies can analyze resumes, conduct pre-screening assessments, and identify the most suitable candidates for further evaluation.

How does it work?

Ask your HR managers to start uploading resumes. Once done, its AI/ML parsing algorithm kicks in to scan and extract essential candidate details. The extracted details are then seamlessly uploaded against job descriptions. Using the AI/ML algorithm. The skills generate scores for each candidate.

By clicking on the score, you can access detailed information about the candidate’s match and unmatch skills. Additionally, it analyzes videos and transcripts, measures the confidence of the interviewer and the candidate, and assesses their communication abilities, which identify weak and filler words. 

There’s more to it. 

XpressRecruit nails down technical questions, ensuring you find the right fit for your team. Additionally, visual representations in graphic formats make it easier to comprehend the reports.

Are you ready to hire with confidence?

Choose XpressRecruit and deliver a positive candidate experience. These include thoughtfulness, consideration, attention to detail and reducing the time to hire so that the candidate lands in his dream job in less time. Going above and beyond a candidate’s expectations at every stage of the hiring process will ensure an exceptional candidate experience and a positive impression of your organization. 

In a nutshell, XpressRecruit isn’t just a tool, it’s a hiring revolution.

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