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Automated Storage Provisioning


Abhilasha Goyal

March 11, 2017

Storage provisioning has been one of the biggest concerns of CIOs, IT managers, Storage administrators and network engineers. Storage provisioning is the process or mechanism to allocate and assign server storage space within a networked computing environment to optimize the performance of storage network. The task is usually handled by Storage administrator(s) unless you have a simple to use interface to manage by self.
The manual and complex nature of provisioning makes it susceptible to errors, resulting in delays, application starvation and underutilization of storage assets. It also affects availability of the storage infrastructure, thus directly affecting availability of applications. Manual tasks get more complicated in a heterogeneous environment where every component has a different user interface and a different process of provisioning storage for applications. Volume provisioning is ideal for customers who need storage services on top of ServiceNow.

InfoBeans aims at providing an interface that allows users to provision the volume in a single-step by automating the workflow on top of the most capable service automation platform; ServiceNow. Also, workflows can be designed for each of the tasks that revolves around the storage provisioning.

You take care of your business; we will take care of your storage provisioning.

InfoBeans automates storage provisioning for your storage array to help you optimize performance of your SAN network. You don’t need to struggle anymore or run around your SAN administrator for assigning storage capacity to servers, computers, virtual machines and another computing device in your network. InfoBeans offers a simple interface with one-step process to setup access control, performance policies, storage pools, protection selection, volumes and thresholds of your server disk drive space.

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