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Sehat - A revolutionary saline bottle monitoring system


Aman Shukla

April 26, 2023

It’s time to say goodbye to the inefficient administration of saline in hospitals. The healthcare ecosystem is replete with instances where patients have to face unbearable pain, need close monitoring and may lose their lives due to negligence in monitoring saline. 

But, no more.

Sehat – the revolutionary IoT based saline monitoring system, is set to change the face of healthcare forever. The devices ensure that there is a minimum risk associated with improper saline administration and that the patients receive the care they need.  

Saline Bottle Monitoring System – The Challenges

Saline administration is one of the most common methods of treating patients with any kind of illness. However, it comes with a lot of risks and is usually monitored by nurses and caretakers. 

If left unattended, the blood may flow back into the saline bottle, leading to aeroembolism. This can cause severe health issues such as heart attack, stroke, or respiratory failure. This is why it is vital to monitor the saline levels in patients, and Sehat does this job perfectly.

Saline Bottle Monitoring System

From Risk to Safety: How Does Sehat Work?

Sehat uses a load cell attached to an Arduino UNO microcontroller to measure the weight of the saline bottle. This is then sent to a database via the Wi-Fi device ESP8266. 

Sehat has three threshold values set at 20%, 15%, and 10%. When the saline level reaches these points, an alert is sent to the concerned person through text messages. When the saline reaches the critical level, its administration will be cut-off the flow of the fluid.

A New Era of Saline Administration: Key Features of Sehat

The key features of Sehat include fluid monitoring for drip flow and alerts for low-fluid levels. It is also a good tool for prevention of potential complications caused due to fluid run-out. And the best part? Sehat is compatible with any saline bottle regardless of its size and weight, making it an accessible and easy-to-use solution.

Key Features of Sehat

Key Users

So, who does it benefit?

The answer is simple: everyone. Nursing staff, duty doctors, and patient attendants can all benefit from Sehat. Moreover, Sehat can be customized according to a hospital’s specific needs, thus allowing for a personalized healthcare experience. From small clinics to large hospitals, Sehat has everything covered.

Sehat: What Does the Future Hold?

With the introduction of push notifications for the web application and Android app, Sehat will become more convenient to use. Additionally, it will be more compact and handy, making it easy to port from one room to another. 

The installation of IR sensors to detect the threshold value is also in the works, further enhancing Sehat’s functionality. Besides, it can be connected with a hospital’s database, to make it more personalized and efficient. 

Final Thoughts

Sehat isn’t just about fancy technology and cool features. It’s about improving the healthcare experience for patients and providers alike. With Sehat, patients can rest with complete peace of mind knowing that their care is being monitored and managed effectively. It is an innovation with a lot of potential, and we can expect even more exciting advancements in the years to come.

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Sehat was first showcased by Team Healthovation on Innovation Day 2023, an annual flagship event of InfoBeans.

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