Robotic process automation

Comprehensive, Intelligent & Precise Robots

Accelerate your UI Path ROI with our Robots, starting as low as $5,000
Transform Business With Intelligent Robots

Implement Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, an advanced version of the robotic process where RPA & AI compliment each other. Leverage our intelligent Robots to accelerate automation within existing transactional systems for higher comprehension, speed & precision. Our custom built Robots are developed & designed not only to help your business reduce operating margins but also accelerate ROI.

Create Robots For

  • Test data Management
  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • OCR (Output in text, word, mathML)
  • Excel PDF, website scraping
  • Back office / Service desk automation
  • Periodic report preparation and dissemination
  • HR services - Procurement and onboarding
  • User and access management
  • IT and infrastructure support

See our developed Robots in action

Data Migration

  • Legacy systems still perform critical functions manually at companies. RPA can prevent such manual labor and potential clerical errors it brings.

Data Extraction

  • Screen scraping, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and basic pattern recognition technologies enable data extraction from almost any format, reducing the need for keying in data.

L1 Tech Support

  • Bots to automate various complex system administration tasks around IT applications and infrastructure

Report preparation & dissemination

  • RPA solutions can easily auto-generate reports, analyze their contents and based on the contents, email them to relevant stakeholders.

Test Data fabrication

  • Test Data creation and masking. Changing, adding or omitting data points to make them suitable for distribution under compliance

Software Installation

  • RPA based single click installation of complex systems with interdependent components
What processes to automate with RPA
Highly manual & repetitive
High Volumes
Rule Based

Industry wide usage

  • Account audit requests
  • Claims processing
  • Account opening / closure
Supply Chain
  • Payment protection
  • Statement reconciliation
  • Quote and invoice generation and distribution
  • CRM updates
  • Regular diagnostics
  • Health plan management
People Management
  • Team member data updates
  • On-boarding / Off-boarding
  • Timesheet auditing
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Software installation
  • Password reset
  • Data cleanup
  • L1 tech support
Media & Publishing
  • Extracting data from PDFs
  • Scanned documents and other formats using screen scraping
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Basic pattern recognition

RPA Tools

  • UiPath
  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere
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