Robotic Process Automation

Comprehensive, Intelligent & Precise Robots

Accelerate your UiPath ROI with our Robots, starting as low as $4,999
Transform Business With Intelligent Robots

Implement Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, an advanced version of the robotic process where RPA & AI compliment each other. Leverage our intelligent Robots to accelerate automation within existing transactional systems for higher comprehension, speed & precision. Our custom built Robots are developed & designed not only to help your business reduce operating cost but also accelerate ROI.

We are your global RPA Implementation partners of choice
InfoBeans lets you get the best of RPA Implementation where it’s most needed.

Benefits RPA

Create Robots For

  • Test Data Management
  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • OCR (Output in text, word, mathML)
  • Excel PDF, website (any source format) scraping
  • Back Office / Service Desk Automation
  • Periodic Report Preparation and Dissemination
  • HR Services - Procurement and Onboarding
  • User and Access Management
  • IT and Infrastructure Support
Can every process be automated?

Yes, we believe any process can be broken into automatable sub-processes that bring great results. Yet, we help you identify processes to get the best of your RPA implementation.

Highly manual & repetitive
High Valume
High Volumes
Rule Based

Considerations in RPA implementation across industries

Automation Strategy

  • Which processes in the organization should and can be automated?

Technology Consideration

  • What’s the apt automation technology solution?

Governance Challenge

  • How will automation impact governance?

People Management

  • How to address the impact of automation on people?

Operation Model

  • Should RPA be a business or an IT Solution?

Implementation Support

  • How to deploy, monitor and manage an RPA environment?
What does RPA implementation do to your business?

[ 40-75%]

Reduced Operational costs


Better turn-around time

[Upto 30%]

Enhanced productivity

The InfoBeans Advantage

Use-case identification and scoring

  • Infobeans helps you identify those processes that can help you yield the maximum possible benefits from RPA Implementation. We identify use case and conduct scoring based on some standard parameters such as scope of impact, suitability, risk factors, financial aspects, process complexity and technical complexities, data privacy and organizational complexity.

We will work with your tools

  • While we are advocates of UiPath and Automation Anywhere, if your organization has invested in a good RPA implementation tool, our team will work with your tool. Our team of developers has RPA certifications and years of experience that enable them to work on any RPA tool.

RPA Strategy Development

  • We don’t believe in mixing some RPA here and there. Once we identify use case in your organization, we help you create a complete RPA implementation strategy to make RPA an organic part of your work environment. Our support team helps train people if necessary for the implementation apart from creating an overall strategy for the same.

Mapping your RPA success

  • We deliver composite RPA implementation solutions and help you measure your RPA implementation success through a clearly laid-out process and plan. The RPA plan that we develop alongside your team helps overcome challenges of resistance or confusion among your employees along with any technical challenges that your IT team may have in future mapping.

See our developed Robots in action

Data Migration

  • Legacy systems still perform critical functions manually at companies. RPA can prevent such manual labor and potential clerical errors it brings.

Data Extraction

  • Screen scraping, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and basic pattern recognition technologies enable data extraction from almost any format, reducing the need for keying in data.

L1 Tech Support

  • Bots to automate various complex system administration tasks around IT applications and infrastructure


  • RPA solutions can easily auto-generate reports, analyze their contents and based on the contents, email them to relevant stakeholders.

Test Data fabrication

  • Test Data creation and masking. Changing, adding or omitting data points to make them suitable for distribution under compliance

Software Installation

  • RPA based single click installation of complex systems with interdependent components

Industry wide usage

  • Account audit requests
  • Claims processing
  • Account opening / closure
Supply Chain
  • Payment protection
  • Statement reconciliation
  • Quote and invoice generation and distribution
  • CRM updates
  • Regular diagnostics
  • Health plan management
People Management
  • Team member data updates
  • On-boarding / Off-boarding
  • Timesheet auditing
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Software installation
  • Password reset
  • Data cleanup
  • L1 tech support
Media & Publishing
  • Extracting data from PDFs
  • Scanned documents and other formats using screen scraping
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Basic pattern recognition

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