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Catch Interesting Features of ServiceNow Madrid Release. What Can We Expect in the New York Release?


Tarulata Champawat

July 03, 2019

Madrid is here…

ServiceNow is replete with new features in its latest release, Madrid (Q1 2019). Sorting and solving issues on the go, with simple swipes and taps make ServiceNow mobile friendly.

The 600 new innovations in this release enable and simplify a lot many processes. Imagine building a mobile app, sans any coding? Yes, ServiceNow Mobile Studio is the service achieving the only-dreamed-of aspect! You and I can build and deploy native iOS and Android mobile apps using no-code tools and a drag-and-drop interface. Can you spot your much-awaited business idea taking flight? Can you gauge the efficiency boost with these customized and tailored applications?

Next up, the faster and more agile digital transformation of companies is nothing short of breathtaking. Be that Agent Workspace, Alert Intelligence, change automation enhancements in ITSM or even Portfolio Scaled Agile Framework, there’s nothing stopping any organization from treading the digital path at full speed.

Madrid, helping simplify workflow has instantly actionable ATF (Automated Test Framework) for you. Optimize the upgrade speed and lower the upgrade testing time with test templates in ATF. From working offline to dramatically simplifying common workflows, the Madrid release is simply fab! Creating new, native mobile apps quickly and easily in a “no-code” environment is actually fulfilling a need of the hour.

Being a responsible forerunner of successive releases, New York in Q3 2019, Orlando in Q1 2020 and Paris in Q3 2020, the January 2019 ServiceNow Madrid version is undoubtedly on the path to learn, prepare and upgrade. Most intriguing of all is being able to make custom native apps, simply with the code blocks! Topped with enhanced security and agile configurations, ServiceNow® Mobile Studio is the most interesting feature to look out for in the Madrid release. Based on a hierarchical structure, you can have several applications for the mobile app and limit user access by roles. Inside each application are folders that help to separate applets (miniature applications that contain various screens with more information). Further classification is done with the help of data items. With these predefined facilities and features in place, it is relatively easier to deploy the Mobile Studio for our best.With a directional guide, you can create your own App with previews, which is as easy to use and navigate. A boost to mobility and regarded as an administrator’s best friend, the Mobile Studio is a boon for intellectual and streamlined workflows. Visit this guide to kick-start the impending revolution in your work processes.

What’s in ServiceNow Q3 2019 New York release?

Continuing innovation in current products, ServiceNow is going to release some path-breaking features in the 2019 Q3 New York release. The New York release will include two new portals: Operator Workspace and Service Owner Workspace. There will be enhancements to the Virtual Agent, a new IT Operations Management (ITOM) function, and the ability to integrate data from external systems. Moreso, the Agent Workspace will also be available. This will help in reporting, analysis, and recommendations by AI. New York will also contain a batch of new low and no-code development tools, opening app creation to business users as well as programmers. Ain’t that pretty thoughtful?

The new Now Platform will be fully multi-cloud, aimed by Google Cloud, the first joint solution expected to be ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) for Google Cloud. New Now Platform will be featured with Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, which will allow dynamic translation in ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.

The ServiceNow mobile onboarding app for HR with a voice assistant and AI will also arrive in the New York release. Mobile AI capabilities will include an in‑app mobile analytics platform. We are expecting this will reduce the onboarding process (time) by 30% and will provide higher transparency and tracking of each step of the onboarding process.

And More..

ITSM – Integrated Service-owner & Vendor Management workspaces for enhanced visibility.
HR – Enterprise onboarding mobile application.
CSM – 3rd party content integration in Agent Workspace to reduce swivel-chair.

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