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Driving Success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Supriya Shahare

February 16, 2021

The customer experience that an organization provides is critical to its success. Each consumer has a varying need, and companies must meet customer expectations. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the #1 intelligent marketing platform helps by delivering personalized journeys across channels and devices. With Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, it is easy to be able to manage 1-to-1 customer journeys throughout the entire lifecycle while creating effective experiences using various marketing tools on a single platform.

With the Marketing Cloud platform, one can create multi channel experiences, contact customers through the right channel (email, SMS, push notifications, social ads, etc.), at the right time, thereby increasing customer acquisition and sales. Planning, Monitoring, Analyzing, and making decisions in real time has now never been easier.

Marketing Cloud also allows consumers who are even more concerned about disclosing their personal data with the world to create experiences that foster trust and strengthen bonds with their customers. These tools allow organizations to build relationships and gather valuable information about their users, their opinions, and their interests.

Here is a brief overview of different features and tools with varying purposes present within Marketing Cloud.

Journey Builder – Where you create automated and personalized experiences

Journey Builder is a feature of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that manages the customer lifecycle, the steps a customer goes through when researching, considering, purchasing, and maintaining loyalty. Journey Builder is Marketing Cloud’s premier campaign planning and execution tool which allows the connection of every sales and service interaction across email, mobile, advertising and the web platforms into one seamless customer experience (or ‘journey’). When we combine the capabilities of Journey Builder with the power of Automation Studio, there are a lot many things that can be achieved.

Einstein Analytics – Get predictions with Einstein AI

With the advent of artificial intelligence, from self-driving cars and drones to virtual assistants and software that translate or invest, it is more important than ever to integrate the use of Artificial Intelligence with Marketing Platforms. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein Artificial Intelligence provides this functionality with Einstein Engagement Frequency, Einstein Engagement Scoring, and Einstein Send Time Optimization.

The AI functionality provides us with data which can predict the customers’ behavior that gives insight on what time the email blasts should be sent in order to ensure that there is a higher probability that the users will open them and generate engagement.

It also establishes the segments we’re impacting or over-impacting and thereby adapting the number of emails we’re sending to each segment to optimize our resources and performance.

Contact Builder – Segment your Audience

Marketing Cloud puts all your company’s data at your disposal and uses it as a jumping-off point and a means of interaction in your customer journeys using Data Extensions.

The data, regardless of where it is stored can be synchronized in real-time and available for all the automated marketing initiatives.

Businesses can directly target their audience in all their actions with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud: gather information, amplify it with second and third-party data using Salesforce’s inbuilt tools.

Social Studio – The power of social media marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio helps connect your marketing, service and sales teams to your customers through social channels which in turn build visibility and helps build meaningful relationships. It also closes the gap between the customer facing teams, eliminating seamless data transition ensuring that no opportunities are lost.

Social Studio allows one to interact with customers by viewing conversations from over 100 million sources. This gives first hand information and helps in discovering what customers and prospects are saying about the brand, products and competitors. The tool also allows them to dig deeper, analyse sentiment and take immediate relevant action.

The UI offered by the tool allows teams to collaborate and plan better social campaigns. It makes it possible to quickly add and share new content including photos, trending news, etc. It’s easy to set up an approval workflow which means that the brand is always protected and other teams can access, personalise and use the highest performing pre-approved content.

Due to the platform being available from any device, it enables teams to plug in the gap and connect with today’s mobile workforce. Every social interaction becomes part of the company’s 360-degree view of the customer which allows the organization to deliver a far more responsive customer experience.

Mobile Studio – Boost your mobile marketing efforts

Mobile studio allows you to send personalised mobile messaging that prompts action, group messages to reach more than one person at once and push notifications.

You can build videos and images using quality templates for quick and effortless delivery. Event maps, restaurant menus, and live locations like rich contextual information can also be included to encourage immediate engagement using the features provided within Mobile Studio

Geo-targeting and segmentation makes it possible to target your consumers to specific local branches and customer bases in those areas. This makes it possible to send your customers geographically relevant messages that include coupons and promotions for your store closest to them.

Real-time automation ensures that not a single live opportunity is missed to engage with your customers. Mobile Studio’s automation capabilities makes it possible to send messages at the right moment based on existing user behaviour. It also enables to deliver time-sensitive messages such as password resets, shipping updates, and alerts using an open API platform.

WhatsApp Integration – Chat with your Customers

This is a recently added chat messaging feature that lets you send transactional and session messages to your customers with WhatsApp. Use Marketing Cloud WhatsApp Chat Messaging to expand your omni-channel engagement. With this integration, you can benefit from the complete power of the Marketing Cloud platform. With Marketing Cloud, you can manage your audience, generate content, preview, and personalize it. You can also use Journey Builder to send your customers messages as part of a customer journey. The Chat Messaging Setup app is integrated into Marketing Cloud App exchange and provides a solution to customers without leaving Marketing Cloud.

AMP-Powered Emails – Modernize email with the power of AMP

AMP for Email is a new open-source email standard that allows customers to interact with messages directly in their inbox. AMP can be used for various promotional and transactional use cases such as responding to events, leaving feedback, completing surveys, and getting order status updates, all within the inbox. Common AMP email use cases include: carousels, confirmations and opt-ins, real-time data, browsing and research, and appointment booking.

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