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InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019: Creating Innovation and WOW Together


Tarulata Champawat

May 02, 2019

We are extremely delighted to share with you that we had successfully organized our maiden technology conference – InfoBeans Innovation Day 2019 on 9th March 2019 at our headquarters, IT park, Indore.

At InfoBeans, we believe in creating WOW in whatever we do. WOW is not just a word for us, it’s a part of our culture. Innovation Day 2019 is a reflection of our culture that carries innovation and collaboration as the integral values in its DNA.

We were overwhelmed to see the response of the attendees at the conference as our audience included guests from the US who judged the innovation contest, members from the investor community, brilliant minds from the student community and last but not the least InfoBeans team members from Indore and Pune.

The Keynote Session

Our President and co-founder, Mitesh Bohra delivered the keynote speech soon after the event introductions. He shared his views about the endless possibilities of innovation and progressing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT and Automation.

The keynote address was followed by presentations and interactive demonstrations at the booths led by our R&D team on cutting-edge technologies like RPA, Blockchain, CICD, Storage, Alexa Integration, I0T, Machine Learning and more at the event.

Technology Presentations

Being a leading technology company, we have always believed in progressing with cutting-edge technology and including it as part of the delivery. Going ahead with this thought, we shortlisted ten teams out of thirty-five entries that we received initially for setting up presentations and booths at our innovation conference.

All of these ten teams had their booths set up and five out of them also showcased interactive presentations on avant-garde technologies like Blockchain, AI, CICD, RPM etc. The following teams conducted presentations and had their booths set up as well.

To give you a deeper understanding of different technologies at the conference, here are the different presentations and topics:

Robotic Process Automation

Right after the keynote session, our first team- The RPA team led their way to the stage for sharing their findings about the groundbreaking technology of Robotic Process Automation. The team also presented a demo application called TFRS (Team Members Financial Records System) to showcase the benefits of RPA technology for businesses and how it could help them to increase efficiency while reducing manual efforts for redundant processes

If you’d like to learn more about how manual processes can be eliminated by using RPA technology, check this detailed post on the RPA presentation.

  • Farhan
  • Kamna
  • Kshalini
  • Kshitiz
  • Manish
  • Prankur
  • Shilpi


The New Technology of Trust

Our blockchain team initiated their presentation by sharing how blockchain technology can address the currently existing transaction issues via transparency and trust. They also explained the meaning of the technology and its use by demonstrating a sample application called WalNet. This application showcased how blockchain technology can be implemented to execute an international transaction by ironing out the challenges we see in the traditional fund transfer methods.

If you’re also eager to learn about the revolutionary blockchain technology and its use cases, go ahead and read our detailed post on this.

  • Ajita
  • Akhilesh
  • Dharmendra
  • Deepesh
  • Shubham


Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

Our CICD team shared their presentation on Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment technology along with an application framework created by them named InfoBot. Along with showcasing CICD capabilities through this demo, they also demonstrated automating defect logging and reporting processes. Concluding the session, our team showcased how enterprises can save time and complete tasks within seconds with CICD technology.

Do you have any idea about the impact of CICD implementation? If not, why don’t you check this blog and learn what more can this technology do.

  • Aarya
  • Harish
  • Prakash
  • Sanjay
  • Shobhit


Internet of Things

Our IoT team shared how the world that we live in today is changing with smart homes, smart cars and even smart farming. Demonstrating a real-life example of IoT through a Smart Remote Control Solution, they showcased how it is possible control multiple devices at once.

They also shared another use case, a Smart Business Card that uses near field communication technology to fetch details.

Wish to make ‘smart’ work for you by learning more? Read on our detailed piece on IoT technology at the conference here.

  • Anshul
  • Faraz
  • Prateek
  • Pratik
  • Rohitashv
  • Vidvat

Machine Learning

Starting by sharing how machine learning works in different phases, our machine learning team also presented the implementation of the technology via a music streaming app created by them. They successfully elaborated how machine learning and artificial intelligence combined could enhance the user experience in the music industry.

Check out our detailed post about how machine learning and artificial intelligence can make an impact in other industries as well.

  • Akshay
  • Anubhav
  • Lalit
  • Lokesh
  • Tulbendra

Cloud Migration

Migration over cloud

Accelerate cloud migration with InfoBeans solutions to select, prepare, extract, and transfer data from the file server to some of the popular file hosting service and synchronization service like Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox using Sharegate tool.

  • Sapan Jain
  • Kartik Gupta
  • Varun Joshi
  • Chetna Sharma
  • Monica Jha
  • Harshit Soni

Alexa Voice Bot

Alexa Custom Skill

InfoBeans created a unique Interviewer voice Bot which interacts prospect team members using pre-defined commands over Alexa, integrated cloud API and is able to conduct the first round of interview as well as assessment. This was originally a manual and time-consuming task for our HR and Technical interview committee which is automated now.

  • Vishal Mene
  • Nilam Khedkar
  • Chandra Prakesh
  • Sarthak Shah

Around the Booths

Apart from these interactive presentations, our team members also stood up 10 different booths at conference. Conference attendees were visiting these booths and our team members were constantly engaging in discussions and clearing their doubts about the meaning, working and real-life use cases, of these innovative technologies.

Sarthak Shah showcased the demo of Alexa integration for simplifying the recruitment process, was one of the biggest highlights of our event. Here’s a list of other booths that were set up at our innovation conference.

  • Core Storage OS
  • Linux based open source OS
  • Interchangeable, Plugin GUI – Python,
  • Plugin core – Python / Perl, Java – Rest API
  • Migration over Cloud
  • PowerShell, Ruby on Rails, Sharegate,
  • DocuWare
  • Microservices
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Interviewer Voice Bot
  • AWS, Python

Prize Distribution Ceremony

Keeping the competitive spirit alive among our team members, we also had a prize distribution ceremony at the conference. Our honorable judges Dan Spiteri, Manish Rai and Vikas Basal, announced the winners and presented them with trophies. Here’s our list of winners:

Presentation Winners

IoT Team (Awarded with a cheque of INR 75,000)

Booth Winners

Alexa Booth (Awarded with a cheque of INR 50,000)

Winners (on the basis of punctuality): Nayan Jain, Ravi Sharda and Tejas Jariwala
Participation certificates: Students who attended the event were provided with a participation certificate

Audience Interactions

Along with interactive presentations and booths set up, we also organised networking sessions with lunch and snacks options for our attendees. Nothing gives us more pleasure than bringing people together for good food and interactive conversations about technologies and innovation.

Encouraging participation, we also conducted brief Q&A sessions with our audiences after each presentation and the people who answered correctly were given chocolate gift boxes for their participation effort.

Ending Note

InfoBeans innovation conference 2019 turned out to be spectacular. Our effort of weaving innovation, collaboration, and WOW in one single thread, made this conference a huge success. The credit of this success goes to our team members who actively participated in the conference and gave their efforts in creating engaging presentations and booth demos.

Delighted by the engagement and response of our first ever technology conference, we are excited for Innovation Day 2020 and look forward to bringing forth disruptive innovation to enable our clients’ success.

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