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Quickly sort your high priority ServiceNow tasks with voice commands to Alexa


Shraddha Dubey

January 09, 2019

Have you ever thought about the way technology is changing our regime whether at the workplace or home?

The ever-changing and advancing trait of the technology has not only made our lives easier and faster but it also adds a great value proposition to the technology which is transforming the way we work. A lot of advancements happened over the period, be it smart home, offices, business operations, etc. and a lot will happen in the coming years as well. The impact that it has on our lives is overarching. So what if we say we even personalize the work experience better with the latest ServiceNow integration with Alexa. Sounds great! Isn’t it? Well, that’s something unique and a turns out be an extremely useful feature for the user.

ServiceNow is aggressively and successfully heading towards becoming the core technology platform to support enterprises with their digital transformation initiatives and help them not only drive innovation but also to enhance the overall organizational performance.  Our strength lies in the fact that we are able to do this unique and effective integration of ServiceNow with Alexa to make the user experience very splendid and encompassing than ever. Our integration is enabled on the Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management modules on ITSM, we do the implementations leveraging Amazon Services.

What is the need to build Alexa skills?

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service and an important element of the Amazon ecosystem.  It monitors a wide range of devices including the external third-party integrations. Our developers have been deploying the integration meticulously harnessing the power of Alexa Skills Kit which includes all the APIs, tools, code samples and documentation.

How does it work for you?

The user simply asks Alexa to open ServiceNow platform. Alexa opens ServiceNow on the voice command. The user can check with Alexa for what’s happening today and get quick updates of what’s going on under what incidents. The user can also ask Alexa to highlight specific incidents, change requests and any important implementations needs to be done on a priority basis. This is extremely helpful to the user, the user gets all the quick updates without even scrolling through the system and make the most effective use of the technology and get things done on the voice command. Also if the user needs to create any specific incident he just needs to tell this to Alexa and the type of incident to be created and Alexa creates it for you “Easy-Peasy” isn’t it? This way you can get a quick glance at all the incidents running in the system and sort the important ones out.

What does this mean for enterprises?

– Faster issue resolution as IT teams has a faster way to deal with incidents.

– Enhanced security as the security teams can quickly take corrective actions against user-reported email attacks with a voice command.

– Greater customer satisfaction with enhanced Escalation Management capabilities which highlight problematic cases.

– Voice commands make navigation and information access easier for the mobile workforce.

ServiceNow management and implementation teams now have access to a lot of features to help them address the needs of not only the IT teams but help other departments as well. This release shows that ServiceNow aims to be at the forefront of addressing the growing demands and needs of business process automation and IoT of corporate leaders. We couldn’t be more excited to see the endless possibilities it offers to enterprises to help them enhance their performance, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

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