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Keys to Become a future-ready Organization


Tarulata Champawat

January 15, 2021

Being future-ready has different meanings for different organizations, which predominantly depends upon their products, markets they operate, customer base, and workforce. While there are no thumb-rules that decide whether the organization is future-ready or not, there are several ways in which organizations can become future-ready and improve their odds of thriving in the next normal.

Invest in Digital Transformation 


The pandemic has slung digital transformation to the highest point in the brains of CIOs. It has become the go-to process for companies to enhance their customer experience and produce higher ROI. Organizations with a physical presence should move their methodology towards building a digital presence if they want to remain significant. It is one of the biggest differentiators that will take care of businesses in the years ahead.

While the year gone by witnessed a move towards contactless solutions and thrust on virtual interactions, the new year, in fact the new decade will witness a change in hiring pattern where companies will not restrict themselves to a single geography, instead will follow a ‘Location no-bar’ approach for the new talent. 

Also to become future-ready, organizations should adopt digital experiences that support modern web in the form of progressive web apps, true native mobile apps with best-in-class UX, intelligent chat-bots, conversational apps, wearables, and immersive experiences that harness augmented reality.

AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service), the next wave

The new decade will witness an upsurge in AI and related technologies like Machine Learning, deep learning, and analytics. AI has also contributed fundamentally to making a framework for cloud computing. For example, various technological developments, data processing, and face & speech recognition have become conceivable because of AI. Once an organization adopts AIaaS in its various processes, it is a sure-shot sign that it has prepared itself for the future. 

Automation will be the way forward

While still in its earliest stages, RPA gives the advantages of cost decrease, expanded proficiency, upgraded precision, improved customer experiences, and consistent flexibility. The technology is picking up momentum because it offers scalable solutions at a reasonable expense to small and large organizations leaving no options for them to automate their manual process and register their names in the list of future-ready organizations. 

Greater Investment in Cloud Technologies

Another crucial aspect of being a future-ready organization is the renewed interest in the cloud. Freeing organizations from legacy applications, cloud computing allows world-wide access and is vital to facilitating remote employment. The cloud offers unparalleled agility and scalability, allowing organizations to respond quickly to new opportunities and challenges.

The list to become future-ready does not end here, but these are high on priority things that will at least accelerate the organization’s race to prepare themselves for the new decade. However, the focus should always be on creating value for customers and employees. 

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