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Make your Email experience more seamless with Pardot


Aarti Mahajan

June 22, 2021

Firstly, let us understand what Pardot is and how it contributes in achieving your goals.

Pardot is a customizable B2B marketing automation solution provided by Salesforce. It automates your Marketing activities by seamlessly connecting your sales and marketing departments in order to deliver the best solutions. Through Pardot, marketers can generate more leads and ensure increased conversations by moving these leads through various stages of the pipeline in a short span of time. Pardot also helps you to manage and view dynamic reports based on your projects.

Track your prospects’ interactions and generate leads

Pardot helps you to track and modify how your prospects interact with your marketing assets such as website, emails, forms, social media handles etc. Prospects can be tracked by their actions, through clicks on trackable links. Once the prospects are identified the Marketer can plan for next steps. For ease of tracking the performance of the assets in relation to a campaign, each of the assets can be associated with a particular campaign. Pardot campaigns can even be connected to your Salesforce campaigns.

Marketers can also define prospect movement through a path or flow by setting up certain criteria and defining rules and actions that are needed. Engagement Studio and Automation rules are useful tools that help with this process.

Lead Qualification made easy

Pardot provides two tools for Lead qualification, namely – Scoring and Grading. Scoring displays a numeric value defining how much a prospect is interested in your product and services. Whereas, Grading shows the fit of your prospect in line with your ideal prospect profile. The grading ranges from A+ to F, with “A+” being highly suitable and “F” being most unsuitable.

Now, let’s talk about one of the marketing assets that is used in Pardot- Email.

The Email feature is built on the Salesforce Platform and is only available to Pardot users. Under the Email tab you can find two options. The first option is Email Templates where you can create an Email Template and use it multiple times for various purposed such as for auto responders, engagement programs, one-to-one emails, list emails etc. The second option it offers List Email Drafts which stores all unsent emails, and can be used only once.

The aim here is to make email content creation easy which the Email Template Builder makes possible with the help of its drag and drop feature. It also has features to help you to track how your customers are interacting with the emails sent by you.

Customizations galore

There are various features available on either side of the canvas. This includes Details & style (Right side) and Components (Left side). You can use these features by dragging the required components on to the canvas. Marketers can also create and customize an email template on their own by using HTML and plain text, by adding merge fields, by modifying the font style, size and color, and by adding images and links such as custom redirect link, form link, landing page, etc.

Click to discover

Pardot emails include a Button feature which helps to create a button in the email body. Buttons can be used for specific activities such as a call to action. Buttons can also be modified by defining its size, adding colors and changing its font size and style in order to make it more visually appealing to the reader.

Altering impressions with Screen wise view

The Email Template builder also allows you to view and edit the email template according to the type of screen you would like the content to be displayed on. A quick to go mobile phone or a large computer screen?

Quick Preview and Analysis

After saving an Email Template you can go to the home page and check the preview of how it will appear to the prospects. You can do this by entering specific email ids separated by a comma or by adding an Email test list. Marketers can also view reports on content performance. Pardot’s new email experience further allows users to take advantage of the Salesforce Content Management System as well.


Emails are amongst the most highly used marketing assets and Pardot makes the email experience convenient and seamless for Marketers. While this is just one of the aspects of Pardot, there is a lot more to explore!

Pardot can introduce you to a whole new world of opportunities and suggest ways to convert them into success stories by ensuring that marketers reach the right audience at right time and place and by helping to generate, nurture and close high-quality leads efficiently.

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