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What Is Making Sitecore Popular Amongst Digital Marketers?


Tarulata Champawat

May 09, 2017

We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.” – David Walmsley

David has nailed the current state of digital marketing – which has evolved considerably over the past few years. It has grown from being a ‘nice to have’ strategy to a ‘must have’ as organizations across the globe are achieving digital transformation.

According to research from Statista, total digital marketing spends are expected to reach USD$306 billion by 2020.

Given the numbers at play, digital marketers have to leverage analytics and reporting to justify the time, money and resource investment.

The challenges for digital marketers are many –

  • They need to mitigate a variety of complex requirements

  • They need robust content management and analytics tracking

  • They need to track the success and failure of their marketing investments across platforms and channels

  • They have to track these parameters well in order to optimize their marketing spends by making their marketing investments across the right set of channels.

What digital marketers need in order to navigate today’s challenging marketing landscape is an integrated digital marketing system that allows them to easily track, manage and optimize their marketing initiatives and investments. Enter Sitecore DMS.

What is Sitecore DMS?

Sitecore DMS is a channel for digital marketers to manage content, automation, analytics, email, testing, personalization etc. and make use of all this available data from one location. Considering digital marketers are now expected to stay on top of technologies, evolution of marketing platforms, and the latest marketing best practices to ensure that their initiatives have a positive business impact, they need to ensure that they leverage a marketing solution that puts the multiple technologies and solutions in use (such as personalization, analytics etc.) on a single connected platform. Sitecore DMS helps digital marketers manage their workloads and helps them in optimally performing these tasks with ease.

In this blog, we take a look at what makes Sitecore DMS so popular with digital marketers.

Optimize Interactions

Sitecore DMS gives digital marketers the opportunity to optimize prominent interactions which bring them closer to their marketing goals. By implementing rule-based personalization, marketers can have pre-set conditions that are relevant to their customers and deliver personalized and targeted content. With this feature, marketers can optimize the customer’s decision journey at the right junctures, such as a high visibility area on the landing page, on the homepage and even on the page where the journey ends. By optimizing these experiences, marketers improve the rate of conversion considerably.

Engagement Analytics

Sitecore DMS helps marketers leverage data collected from Sitecore’s Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM) which is a part of Sitecore CMS. The WFFM allows easy data capture that facilitates easy personalization and is housed in the central Sitecore Engagement Analytics Database. This database makes it immensely easier for marketers to track visitors who sign up using the form, assess their progression through the website and gain deep insight into the customers’ experience. The Sitecore DMS gives marketers real-time analytics of the website visitors and helps them analyze the relevance and value of each individual visitor which is presented on the Executive Insights Dashboard.

Multivariate and A/B Testing

Digital marketers cannot remain content by creating content alone. Along with creating the right content for the website, they also have to determine if their content is effective enough to lead their customers to take the desired actions. Sitecore DMS gives marketers the ability to conduct A/B tests by providing different versions of a content element to the site visitors randomly and helps them evaluate the efficacy of the content in relation to the engagement value using the page editor feature. Marketers can also conceptualize, create and push live tests through the Page Editor and maximize their marketing investments by enabling greater personalization.

Easy Performance Measurement

Sitecore DMS gives marketers the ability to analyze the success of their marketing initiatives by using “Value”, a single metric of measurement. The Value metric allows marketers understand the value of their marketing investments through a single number that correlates to the business value of each conversion from the website. This also helps marketers understand what the customers demand and also the value generated from the digital marketing efforts.

Detailed Reporting Options

Sitecore DMS allows marketers to generate easy-to-use top-level reports to understand the effectiveness of campaigns. These built-in reports can also be expanded to create custom queries into the database and give marketers the opportunity to coax the data at their disposal for more specific answers. They can also leverage the Engagement Intelligence Analyzer which gives them the capability of conducting power analysis by probing the DMS database further.


With Sitecore DMS, digital marketers can retain complete control of the website even with different content contributors who are in different geographical locations. With highly configurable access permissions, security features as well as workflows, digital marketers can be rest assured that only the right content is being published on the website.

One of the greatest advantages of Sitecore DMS is that it brings together previously disconnected marketing systems onto one platform. When all these marketing components of analytics, social marketing, email marketing, CRM etc. are integrated on one platform, it helps marketers gain a detailed view of each customer at each relevant touchpoint using exact data. Along with this, Sitecore also has an SEO optimization module that helps marketers design more SEO friendly and optimized content. Further, Sitecore DMS gives digital marketers the ability to measure the ‘effectiveness’ of their website…something which most tools do not provide.

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