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From manuscript to print: Automation in Media and Publishing Industry


Manish Malpani

October 16, 2020

The automation of publishing results in a fusion of humans and machine processes; while humans will continue doing what they are good at, writing and editing, the software robots will take care of other aspects of publishing, resulting in a dramatic increase in the supply of information. Since RPA can automate most of the publishing tasks, there will be an increase in the process efficiency that can reduce the time to publish with the help of RPA, which is currently spanning across months. 

How can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) help the publishing industry?

RPA has become an essential stepping-stone for the publishing industry. Once the content is in digital format, it can be seamlessly and automatically transferred from one place to another at virtually no cost: there remains absolutely no need for delivery bikes, bookshops, newsstands, or direct mailings. Automation takes care of all of that, and as the software behind the publishing systems improves, they will route most of the work away from humans toward machines.

Use cases: Let us have a look at various use cases about how publishers can leverage RPA

Invoicing & Fulfillment

  • Monthly invoicing
  • Reminder emails
  • Subscription management
  • Financial reporting or deferred revenue 

Content Migration

  • Integrate two or more site data in one with structured rules 
  • Formatting of the brand in the portal/system 
  • Cut down high operational costs 
  • Allows companies to focus on their customer and front-end growth opportunities

System Upgradation

RPA helps to ease the pain of system upgradation. One of the crucial areas of upgradation is content cleaning. RPA detects corrupt data and updates records with accurate information. It also keeps information relevant and up-to-date and makes the website SEO and user-friendly post upgradation. 

 Editorial Workflow

  • Automate workflows with minimal human intervention
  • Pulls content from other websites that you need to show on yours

Formatting the content of the manuscript 

  • Conversion of the manuscript in soft copy
  • Attachment in the email can be opened, and based on the file format, the soft copy of the book can be generated 
  • Performs quality control check in case of missing text information

 Other use-cases

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Cross-checking diagrams and tables mentioned in the manuscript
  • Pre-edition and conversion to XML
  • Pagination based on the font-style, heading, and paragraph details
  • Communication between the author and the publisher

 RPA improves efficiency, saves ample time, gets publishers rid of the unnecessary mental load, and gives space to work on other new projects. It is a promising new development in business automation that offers a potential ROI from the very beginning. The leading publishers have adopted RPA in their work in the mentioned use cases. They are also exploring ways to implement RPA to make their processes and systems more robust and efficient.

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