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Quotematic App


Abhilasha Goyal

March 03, 2017

ServiceNow is a highly customizable enterprise cloud solution which includes a suite of applications that automates asset management, enterprise service management, virtual support workflow and provides proactive, customer-centric services.

To manage quoting and procurement; streamline sales work process, InfoBeans has built the Quotematic app that enables the sales team to generate quotes for potential customers quickly and with ease. And guess what? It is available on ServiceNow store for FREE.

The app allows the fulfilment department in any organization to configure, create and quote accurately, swiftly and smartly; thus, automating the quote process. It provides the flexibility to create a unique item and put it in the quote.

Quotematic eases an important step in accommodating a truly comprehensive sales cycle. It meets higher standards of customization, with management visibility by allowing industries to generate quotes at finger tips. The app has an in-built approval workflow and can integrate with products catalogs’, taxes and discounts. It generates PDF quotations which can be printed or e-mailed directly to customer directly – all without leaving ServiceNow dashboard.

Quotematic app is very convenient for formalizing the conditions of purchase for any client and is a must have when dealing with any organization that uses purchase orders as the preferred buying method.

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