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How to Prevent Website Downtime with WordPress VIP
Website downtime

What does it actually mean for a site to be considered down?

Often that depends on whom you ask.

For a website to be considered down, it may mean a number of different things:

The website is completely unavailable. The website is online but unusably slow. The website is giving error messages for certain users or locations. The website is working for most visitors, but some simply can’t log in to their CMS, for example, to create, edit, or publish content. 

No matter the cause or degree, the impact of website downtime can be serious, from lost ecommerce orders and … Read More

ServiceNow ITAM: A Must-Have for Modern Businesses
ServiceNow ITAM

Samira is a Chief Technology Officer and relatively new to the organization. She wants a comprehensive report on every laptop, computer, external monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, desk phone, and hard drive to make sure that valuable resources aren’t being wasted on redundant assets. 

She also wants a report on every program on each system and information on when the licenses for each program will expire. 

As an integral member of the IT team, are you filled with dread? 

If you’re already sweating at the idea of finding the data for these reports, have no fear. 

ServiceNow IT Asset Management is … Read More

5 Best Tools for Data Visualization – When data leads, transformation follows
Data Visualization Feature Img

Consider the below image

And this one too

Which one looks better?

The latter one? No-brainer, isn’t it?


Because the data presented in that visualization is pretty easy to understand. You can infer a lot of information in just one go. 

Data visualization is an essential aspect of data analysis. Visualization allows us to better understand complex data sets, spot trends, and identify patterns. The right data visualization tools can help organizations and individuals make data-driven decisions, gain insights, and present their findings in a way that is easily understandable. In this blog post, we’ll take a … Read More

Cha-ching! How the WordPress VIP and Ecommerce Combo Pays Off

The ecommerce space race isn’t a flash in the pan. And from the start, they were greeted by serious consumer demand. Shoppers in 2020 had nowhere to go, so they went online. Global retail ecommerce sales grew by 25%, hitting $4.2 trillion. Even as the world reopened, experts predicted that global ecommerce sales would soon approach $5 trillion.  

The pandemic changed how we do business. People responded to 2020’s dynamic medical, cultural, and financial hurdles with agility, and in the face of adversity, entrepreneurism triumphed. 2021’s first quarter saw the creation of 303,000 new US-based businesses, 16,000 more than the … Read More

WowVerse – A Metaverse Space

Step into the future of virtual reality with WowVerse, the metaverse space that takes collaboration to a whole new level. Designed with the idea of a virtual office space, WowVerse is an immersive 3D world where you can interact with real people in real time. Innovations like WowVerse are a positive step towards a Metaverse-powered future.

Metaverse has the potential to solve all the existing challenges of remote work. It could change the actual workplace as well. Imagine working from the beach for a day, taking notes in the jungle, or sending an email in space. The … Read More

Inside WordPress VIP’s New Multisite Management Capabilities

The newly launched WordPress VIP multisite features offer customers even more control and management capabilities.

WordPress VIP’s multisite structure is built to reduce the logistical pain of handling multiple individual applications—enabling multiple sites within a single WordPress instance and database, with centralized control of code, accesses, plugins, and themes.

A multisite is ideal for organizations with:

Multiple sites managed by the same people Multiple sites that share themes or plugins Split responsibilities for a site by directory structure Frequent new site creatio Audiences in multiple languages

Benefits of multisite on WordPress VIP

With easy website management, complete access … Read More

How to Improve Website Performance With WordPress VIP

No one likes to… wait… wait…. wait…

Having a site that performs like a digital superhero is a business imperative, especially when you’re making a first impression with a potential customer researching your organization.

The following website performance statistics should strike fear in the heart of every site developer and engineer, not to mention your brand marketing team:

One in two users will abandon a site if it takes longer than four seconds to load. Source: BBC. A one-second delay results in a 16% drop in user satisfaction. Source: LoadStorm. Fifty-three percent … Read More

ProtoVid – Convert Your Prototypes into Easily Shareable Videos

The blog is written by Anshul Sharma, Senior Visual Designer and the team captain. The team’s motto is to transform the way design is communicated. We have proudly called ourselves ‘Humans of UX’.

The process of creating a prototype is crucial for us, as designers. It allows us to test and refine our ideas before the final product is developed. However, the design community faces several challenges when creating a prototype. These challenges can be related to design iterations and the ability to convey ideas effectively to stakeholders.

When I say, communicating our ideas and designs to stakeholders, I primarily … Read More

A Guide to Choosing the Most Secure WordPress Hosting

When content is critical to your business’s growth, you need the most secure WordPress hosting platform to give you confidence that your website is rock-solid. But in a world where security incidents occur with increasing frequency, WordPress security can be overwhelming.

How do organizations know when a WordPress platform is secure enough for their needs?

Read our guide to learn the critical features and capabilities to look for when choosing the most secure WordPress platform for your business.

Protection of business-critical data

When looking at enterprise-grade WordPress platforms, ensure that database infrastructure is not … Read More

Innovations on the Horizon: A Look at 11 Game-Changing Tech Trends in 2023

Technology is like a never-ending roller-coaster. The world may have slowed down during the pandemic, but technology kept going. In fact, it progressed even faster.

So, what’s next on the horizon? A lot! 2023 has many exciting things in store for tech enthusiasts. CB Insights, a market intelligence platform, recently released a report titled ‘11 Tech Trends to Watch Closely in 2023’.

Let’s take a look at an overview of the report:


Imagine a world where age was truly just a number. The imagination can now become a reality with innovations … Read More

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