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RPA can work wonders on these 5 front office tasks


Vatsala Garg

April 27, 2021

Your front office is the first touchpoint for your customers. While the back-office functions typically include departments like human resources and accounting that support the vital internal functions of running an enterprise, employees in front-office roles are the front face of your organization, curating and creating the customer service experiences. 

Front-office processes have a significant influence on a customer’s satisfaction who desire a trouble-free and smooth service. A  customer service inquiry that takes an hour to resolve can quickly sink a customer’s perception of your organization. 

Analysts predict a 30% increase in the use of RPA for front-office responsibilities by 2023. Automating the processes involved in customer-facing functions can help your organization:

  • Boost general office collaboration
  • Nurture leads in more captivating and profitable ways
  • Enable sales staff to focus more time on selling
  • Enrich communication with your customers
  • Improve customer service response times

A run-down of the five front-office tasks for automation

RPA helps your sales office focus on selling

65% of their time each day on non-revenue generating tasks

There are high chances your team is doing the same!

Stop, right now! Don’t deviate your sales team from closing sales by filling their time with simple copy and paste tasks like transferring data between systems to generate contracts. Robotic process automation (RPA) can help your sales team reclaim their day by shifting the responsibility of these more mundane administrative tasks over to a computer code. 

By connecting to your CRM and other relevant databases, RPA can help populate contract and SLA templates without taking time away from sales activities. Paired with a well-designed automation workflow, your system can then send the contract up the approval ladder to collect e-signatures and other relevant approvals. 

RPA can generate a list of hot leads

It is likely to happen that your sales team spend a significant portion of their day swimming through contacts and data to identify warm leads. Is it?

RPA  can also help your team collect and collate customer data into a comprehensive list of sizzling hot leads. By combining the behaviors of current customers, RPA can mine your database for similarly behaving prospects. Additionally, RPA can eliminate the need for time-consuming research into a hot lead’s breaking news or buzz-worthy social media activity. Using automation, a sales team member  can monitor the web for key trends and market triggers, and automatically populate your CRM with the details that close sales. 

Result: Your sales team will have more time to improve the bottom line by establishing positive relationships with current clients and cultivating profitable new relationships for the future. 

RPA can boost email marketing engagement

Do you know, email marketing as a medium has the highest ROI—a staggering 3800%. 

With RPA in place, email can become even more powerful.


Automated emails are a great way to preload your system with personalized campaigns that convert sales. You can set up hundreds of automated campaigns based on unique tripwires, ensuring you’re always delivering the right message at the right time.

RPA can deliver customer service support at lightning speed

How can you use automation to create a remarkable service experience that delights your customer base? 

RPA can be the technology behind chatbots which can shift many simple queries—like password changes or balance inquiries—over to a pre-programmed robot. Instead of answering an endless flood of ‘easy questions,’ you can assign chatbots to the job and reserve the more challenging questions for your human reps. RPA can clear the queue at your customer service desk and increase customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes to satisfy your customer’s needs. 

RPA can increase collaboration across the front office

With RPA, you can gain a new level of visibility into the inner-workings of your organization. Your sales representative can quickly ping an internal chatbot who immediately provides the latest document that your customer needs or the customer support desk could automatically post an alert in the customer’s CRM profile, signaling a success team member to follow up and prevent the loss of a big account. 


Automation has the power to transform your front office and your overall customer experience. A great customer experience will lead to increased loyalty and a glorified reputation. By partnering with InfoBeans on automating your front office tasks, you can enable your team to deliver the best of the best.

What about RPA in the back office? Wait and keep checking the same space! 

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