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RPA in Telecom - Streamline Operations, Improve Margins


Manish Malpani

February 16, 2021

Telecommunication is needed to keep people connected with diverse, global networks. The companies offering telecommunication services need ways to converge disparate systems, organize data and provide a personalized user experience without any disruption or cost to the business. To achieve this, they must explore effective ways to consolidate data and streamline processes, maximizing the impact of their workforce.

A robotic process automation (RPA) solution enhanced with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can help achieve these objectives and more. Whether it is helping telecommunications companies manage large, unstructured datasets or increase their responsiveness to industry disruptions via streamlined operational tasks, RPA is perhaps the perfect match for the telecommunications industry as it continues to grow and develop on a global stage. 

 RPA USE CASES for the telecom industry – There are various processes in telecom that can be automated to streamline their operations and improve margins, such as:

Network Management: As an increasing amount of rich content is constantly being transferred between apps, devices, and users, managing capacity demand becomes challenging for telecom companies. Implementing RPA technology allows telecom providers to use automated solutions for repetitive tasks like incident, event, and diagnostics management so that network engineers can divert their focus towards more complex processes. 

Average Revenue per User (ARPU): Software robots can offer real-time information during customer calls, regarding customers’ eligibility for given promotions, thereby ensuring more focused, to-the-point pitches. 

Periodic Report Preparation and Dissemination: Based on the criteria provided, bots can generate reports and analyze their content besides deciding which stakeholders the report is relevant to and emailing them.  

Email to Ticket Automation: The bots can auto-create tickets in the Telecom Service Provider’s Incident Management System based on emails received from authorized customer contact and track the status of the tickets, monitor closure as per SLA. They can also interpret emails, respond to simple questions, and forward complex ones to humans. 

Customer Onboarding/Offboarding: Implementing RPA and automating the process of customer onboarding and off-boarding helps the telecom providers maintain customers and their information. Further, RPA powered bots make it super easy to add customers automatically whenever a new one joins and also simple to remove when they leave. 

Incident – Switch Port Down / Flapping: Based on the incident tickets raised by the customer, the software bots can check switch logs, port status, cyclic redundancy checks (CRC), error messages, ping customer’s IP, copy logs in the ticket, and assign to the Telecom Service Provider query resolution staff.

Competitor Price Tracking: Software robots can track an individual competitor, a category, and a brand, offering a deeper understanding of the competitive outlook.

Backing up information from clients’ IP Telephony Systems: Software robots can chain up numerous technical tasks, creating coherent backup systems. The bots can obtain data from the databases of all IPT devices on a client system and upload them onto an FTP server. 

First Call Resolution (FCR): FCR means resolving all of the client’s concerns from the first call to a customer service call center. The bots can assist employees by offering real-time guidance based on monitoring their desktop activities, which is likely to diminish the caller’s level of frustration and ultimately result in resolved cases.

The Telecom industry is evolving continuously. The launch of a 5G network will be a breakthrough in the coming years. Telecom providers need a robust network and continuity in services to achieve upcoming tasks in the Telecom industry. Moving to RPA is the need of the hour!

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