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Salesforce Health Cloud: Offering a 360 degree view of your patient


Nikhil Kango

September 01, 2021

Health Cloud, a blend of CRM capabilities and patient management features, is an extremely powerful Salesforce platform. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your doctors, nurses, technicians, medical reps, and accounting team all get to access your info from a single platform to manage health portfolio of your patient? 

Salesforce Health Cloud can do just that.

It offers accurate and relevant data that is accessible to everyone across the patient care team and has the power to transform outcomes and the entire experience, eventually. It is perfect for healthcare organizations that grapple with the challenges of siloed IT systems and interoperability. Health Cloud is prepared to offer significant flexibility to meet organization-specific use cases and provides centralized management and reporting. 

Health Cloud Advantages

  • A comprehensive view of the patient’s journey and interactions within your clinical and outreach activities.
  • Integrate with EMR systems and capture electronic health record data including conditions, medications, and personal data.
  • Track patient and household contacts Care Plans including problems, goals, and tasks.
  • Customize the platform to use specific healthcare terminology, data fields, and processes.
  • Create customized reports, and dashboards tailored to the needs of your internal teams using powerful built-in reports and dashboard building tools.

Health cloud Use-Cases

Use-cases can be divided into two broad categories

Personalized contact center experience

Salesforce Health Cloud offers personal contact center experience with AI capabilities that empower agents to connect patients to the care facility rapidly. It helps improve customer satisfaction by enabling agents with the right tools to address queries effectively. The solution integrates the core system with electronic health records (EHRs) giving agents instant access to relevant patient information.

Coordinate post-acute care

Health Cloud empowers lesser commute of patients to hospitals by improving connectivity between care teams and patients. It helps deliver better outcomes in the age of value-based care with the coordinated post-acute care solution. In addition, health care providers can achieve a panoramic view of each patient to enable closer communication and enhanced collaboration among care teams.

Salesforce Health Cloud does this by bringing critical patient record data to one place and making it visible to all stakeholders –– from providers to payers and patients to drug manufacturers.

Healthcare is undergoing a huge transformation due to rising patient needs, increased scrutiny from governments, and technologies that are disrupting treatment protocols. Health Cloud is a perfect solution for all organizations across healthcare and life sciences of all specialties and sizes, including providers, payers, health systems, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.

Our team of certified Salesforce experts can help you evaluate if Health Cloud is a good fit for you and guide you through a successful implementation. Contact us today.

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